Haaga-Helia HR Cosmos: Inspired by Collective Wisdom – How to do it?

Haaga-Helia HR Cosmos

Welcome to Haaga-Helia HR Cosmos After Work Event to discuss and network with other HR professionals and students!

The event will focus on collective wisdom; how to do it and how could HR support collective wisdom in the workplaces. The theme will be discussed together in facilitated group discussions in Zoom break-out rooms.

The event also features two inspirational speeches from Heidi Gutekunst and Toni Pienonen.

Join us for an interesting afternoon! Register and reserve your spot now.

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  • Welcoming and agenda
  • Online workshop: Exploring collective wisdom together
  • Facilitated group discussions and possibility to network
  • The role of mature leadership in bringing forth collective wisdom by Heidi Gutekunst
  • Crazy Town The power of community-based learning by Toni Pienonen
  • Summary of the shared dialogue
  • Closing


Heidi Gutekunst

Heidi Gutekunst, Co-founder Amara Collaboration

Heidi is an experienced leader with a track record in transforming teams and organizations. She works with individuals from the senior team and people in development positions and walks alongside teams and organizations through their transformation. Heidi is an author of the book Street Smart Awareness and Inquiry in Action.

Toni Pienonen

Toni Pienonen, COO and partner Crazy Town

Crazy Town is a unique work environment where over 250 businesses collaborate, mentor and share resources with one another across organizational borders. Toni works with a team of community managers, whose main job is to facilitate learning in physical environments, digitally and with peer learning events and culture building activities.