Equality Plan (2021 – 2023)

The equality and non-discrimination plan has been drawn up by a working group that includes student, employer and employee representation, such as occupational safety and health officers. A multifaceted approach has been ensured through broad representation.


In the Haaga-Helia university community, the implementation of the plan is monitored in co-operation forums:

  • For personnel, the plan is the responsibility of the Personnel and Culture group / Human Resources Director. From the autumn of 2021, the goals and measures of the equality plan will be a recurring theme in the meetings of the Occupational Safety and Health Committee four times a year.
  • For students, the Responsibility and Security group / Administrative Director is responsible for the plan. The student welfare group meets three times a year and monitors the progress of goals and measures.

  • For the entire university community, the Administrative Director periodically convenes an extensive co-operation meeting, which is represented by the Vice-Rectors responsible for teaching and research, a representative of the student union Helga, staff representatives / occupational health and safety representatives and a representative of the Student Welfare Group. If necessary, other experts will also be invited to the working group.

According to research, many students and personnel members do not know that educational institutions must have equality and non-discrimination plans. We can take making this plan known to every student and employee as the first step towards more equal and non-discriminatory Haaga-Helia. The continuity of equality and non-discrimination work is ensured by updating the plans regularly. Updating refers to assessing the successfulness of the previous period’s measures, comprehensively investigating the equality and non-discrimination situation and setting new targets and measures based on them. This plan remains valid until the end of 2023. The drafting of a new plan will be started well in advance before the previous period ends.

This plan is constructed so that the things required by equality and non-discrimination progress evenly in relation to both operations and personnel policy. Haaga-Helia’s equality and non-discrimination plan is based on a jointly drafted strategy and values which create the foundation for equality and non-discrimination work within our organisation.

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