Course enrolment and transcript of records for exchange students

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From this page, you will find information on how to enroll in courses if you are coming to Haaga-Helia as an exchange student.

Before enrolling to courses

Before you can enroll for courses you have to check that you have receive your username and password for the Haaga-Helia system. 

  1. You will receive your username by email and password by text message. If you have not received your username and password a week before the enrollment starts please contact
  2. After you have received the username and password you will have to fill in the Study Agreement to activate your username and password. After this wait a few hours before login in to the system.
  3. Multi-Factor Authentication
    Haaga-Helia uses strong authentication, which can be done via text message, phone call or Authenticator app. The setup will launch automatically when you’re signing in for the first time to Peppi at
    Fill in your Haaga-Helia email address and your password. The email must be in username format (DO NOT USE firstname.lastname(at)

    You can then login to Peppi, where you enroll for courses and access your Haaga-Helia email.

1. Find courses

  1. Check the course list for your campus (check your campus from your acceptance letter). See Courses for exchange students.
  2. You can also find the course lists from our Study Guide under Minor Packages, Study Modules, Summer Studies and other courses > Exchange studies at Haaga-Helia.
  3. Please note that if a course has several implementations exchange students can only choose implementations with the code EXCH.

2. Check the timetable for the courses 

  1. Check the timetables for the courses you want to do at the Haaga-Helia timetable tool. The timetables are only published a week before the enrollment starts.
  2. We recommend you login with your Haaga-Helia credentials, so you can save your schedule and the courses you want to enroll to.
  3. In the timetable tool, search your chosen course with course code, eg. IBU1LF103.
  4. From the Search results, choose Study begins - Next spring.
  5. You can also filter by campus from Locations - menu.

By clicking on the +Add icon, you can add courses to your timetable and check that there is no overlap.

PLEASE NOTE! Do not select language! All EXCH courses are taught in English.

    3. Enroll for your courses

    1. First login to Peppi once course enrollment opens:
    2. Go to PSP and choose Enrollments tab. NOTE: Do not choose tab "Selection".
    3. Search for your courses with the course code. Make sure to use the whole code, for example IBU1LF103-3027, so you enroll to the correct group.
    4. Once you have found the course, click on the Enroll icon.
    5. Repeat until you have enrolled for all your courses.

    You can find instructions with screenshots in Peppi below (requires login with Haaga-Helia credentials, change language to English from the upper right corner).

    You do not have to send a request for course approval in Peppi, the enrolment system. After you have enrolled for courses you can send your Learning Agreement for approval.

    Learning Agreement

    Learning agreement is a contract between the exchange student, the student's home institution and Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. It ensures that the exchange studies at Haaga-Helia will be recognised at the student's home institution. You can use your home institution's learning agreement, Online Learning Agreement (OLA) or Haaga-Helia's form available below. Please make sure all of the fields are filled out, especially the name of the sending institution, institution contacts and semester dates.

    Please fill in the learning agreement only after you have registered for the courses in the Peppi system. You can also bring the learning agreement with you to the orientation for signing.

    Transcript of records (list of grades)

    You can Download your official electronic transcript of records (list of grades and completed courses) from Peppi > My Studies > Certificates for Student up to a month after you have finished your exchange.

    We are using an electronic transcript of records. The electronic transcript of records is a PDF document equipped with a digital signature to confirm their authenticity and integrity. The digital signature replaces handwritten signatures and stamps. Electronic documents are official only in their digital form and not as paper-printed copies. They cannot be modified, as any change made to the file invalidates the digital signature.

    How to check the document’s validity 

    Haaga-Helia does not send transcripts of records to exchange students or to their home universities anymore. The students are responsible for downloading the transcripts of records themselves.

    The electronic transcript/certificate should be a valid alternative in all situations where signed and stamped paper documents are used. In case a stamped and signed version of the transcript is needed this can be requested separately from exch(a)