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The Corporate EDUpreneurship - Benefitting Start-ups, Universities and Corporates across Europe -project sets out to establish a joint language between corporates, startups and universities to successfully exploit the full potential of corporate entrepreneurship across sectors and industries.

The concept of Corporate Entrepreneurship, where established companies team up with creative entrepreneurs, forms the basis of the project. In bringing together different actors to formulate new thinking the CORSHIP-project aims to turn the challenges of disruptive innovations and digitalization into opportunities.

Core results of the project are a MicroCredential world-wide pilot on CE, a MOOC and a unique CE toolbox to facilitate the collaboration.

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Project manager at HH: Timo-Pekka Uotila

Funding: Erasmus +, Knowledge Alliances

Duration: 2019-2021

Partners: FH Joanneum (Austria), Cracow Uniwersytet Economiczny (Poland), Hasso-Plattner-Institut fur Softwaresystemtechnik (Germany), BETA-I (Portugal), AVL List (Austria), European Startup Network (Belgium)