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Cookie policy

Cookie policy

We may collect information concerning the user's terminal device by means of cookies on our website.

We use the information collected by means of cookies for the following purposes: 

  • Service access: Cookies enable a smoother user experience. For example, the user does not necessarily need to enter usernames, passwords and customisation options every time he or she logs in to our website (content production).
  • Service development: Cookies help us improve the functioning of our website and electronic services. For example, they enable us to obtain information on the most frequently visited pages on the website, user navigation, or the websites they used prior to entering ours, and the duration of their visit to our site. We also use cookies in the statistical monitoring of the visitor volumes on the website and in electronic services as well as in the calculation of advertising efficiency. We may also determine, for example, if the website and services are accessed from a computer or a mobile device.
  • Targeted marketing: Based on the information collected, various target groups may be offered advertising or content that they are likely to find interesting on Haaga-Helia's external website and electronic services. 

Saving cookies can be blocked by changing the browser settings. The user may also delete the cookies from the browser settings. This will delete the information collected previously with cookies and start the information collection from the beginning. Deleting the cookies may compromise the user experience on the website.

Our website may contain links and connections to websites of third parties and third parties' social plug-ins, such as the Facebook Like button or Twitter's Tweet button. The buttons will show on our website but their content comes directly from the social media in question. More information on the privacy of the social media is available on the websites of the relevant media.