Timo-Pekka Uotila

Senior Researcher
Researcher, Entrepreneurship and Business Renewal
+358 294471504

Timo-Pekka Uotila D.Sc.(Econ.) is an experienced expert in management who completed his PhD (2017) on CEO cognitions related to corporate success. Timo-Pekka works as a researcher, coach, trainer and consultant. He has more than 10 years of experience in consultative development research for large companies, the public sector, SMEs, start-ups and international projects.

The research and development themes relate to business management, mindsets, innovation, human capital and company performance. In teaching, he works in the fields of continuous learning, micro-degrees, digital learning and business apprenticeships.

He is widely responsible for the creation and implementation of research, development and innovation projects in the field of entrepreneurship and business renewal. He runs the 3AMK "Entrepreneurship and Innovation" cooperation area of the strategic alliance of the three biggest universities of applied sciences in Helsinki metropolitan area, and has been in charge of the research development and partnerships of the StartUp School business incubator and innovation platform.
Timo-Pekka has experience of Finnish Ministry of Education, ESF, ERDF, Erasmus+, Capacity building and Interreg Central Baltic funding instruments and successful processes.  He has participated in Horizon Europe training.

At the heart of Timo-Pekka's expertise are the ability to engage in dialogue and a goal-oriented way of working that progresses through experimentation. His message is: "Success requires an entrepreneurial mindset: taking responsibility, embracing change and having a vision of how to create value for the customer. To do this, a company's management needs to know the key driver of its success - the human skills that are linked to its people."

In his spare time, he likes to do sports and works as a part-time entrepreneur. He is particularly interested in how companies can make a positive impact on society (e.g. peace tech or climate-themed startups).

Selected publications and conference presentations:

  • Uotila, Timo-Pekka & Mennala, Hannele (2021): Tuloksekas toiminta yrittäjyys- ja innovaatioekosysteemeissä: korkeakoulunäkökulma (profitable business in entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystems: a university perspective). YTKK2020 – Yrittäjyyskasvatuspäivät yrittäjyyden ytimessä (entrepreneurship education days at the heart of entrepreneurship), Conference Publications)
  • Viitala, Riitta, Vesalainen, Jukka & Uotila, Timo-Pekka (2020): SME managers’ causal beliefs on HRM as success factor of the firm. Journal of Small Business Management
  • Uotila, Timo-Pekka (2020). Entrepreneurial leadership – theoretical foundations and practical implications. Presented at Haaga-Helia Business Innovation Conference 17.-18.11.2020, Helsinki, Finland.
  • Uotila, Timo-Pekka & Hakala, Henri (2019). Role transition from student to entrepreneur: incubator effects. Presented at the USASBE conference 26.1.2019, Florida, USA
  • Uotila, Timo-Pekka & Mennala, Hannele (2018): Korkeakoulun sisäinen yrityshautomo: tavoitteet, haasteet ja mahdollisuudet (a university internal business incubator: goals, challenges and opportunities) - Case Haaga-Helia StartUp School. YTKK2018 - Entrepreneurship education days publications.
  • Luoma, M. & Uotila, Timo-Pekka. (2017). Unfolding strategic partnership: An analysis of the CEOs’ and HR directors’ perceptions of TMT work. Presented at the Strategic Management Society Special Conference, Milan
  • Uotila, Timo-Pekka (2017) Managers’ cognitions on performance of the firm. Dissertation.
  • Uotila, Timo-Pekka (ed.) (2010). Ikkunoita osaamisen johtamisen systeemiseen kokonaisuuteen (windows to the systemic entity of competence management)

Research, development and innovation projects:

  • Helsinki-Uusimaa – A sustainable and digital area of entrepreneurship (2021-2023, ERDF)
  • Kinesis – An innovation programme for companies (2021-2023, ESF)
  • Dynamo – An entrepreneurship programme for university graduates (2010-2021, Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture)
  • 3ES Alliance – (2020-2022, City of Helsinki Innovation Fund)
  • NOCCA – Novel opportunities for new company creation and accelerated growth (2019-2021, Interreg Central Baltic)
  • Corship – Corporate EDUpreneurship – Benefitting start-ups, universities and corporates across Europe (2019-2021, Erasmus+)
  • Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (2018-2020, COSME)
  • Opettajan yrittäjyysmittaristo (teacher’s entrepreneurship indicator) (2017-2019, Yksityisyrittäjäin säätiö) (private entrepreneurs’ foundation)