IT Services and HelpDesk

The goal of our helpdesk is to help and troubleshoot the IT and AV problems of the students and staff. We wish to get requests primarily by e-mail or by webform (Sign in with "Haaga-Helia SSO"). Only acute issues by phone, please. 


When submitting your request, consider the following

  • Please revise the instructions before contacting us - the solution to your problem may be found there.
  • When contacting us, give us a detailed description of the problem as possible and your contact information. Then we can help you faster.
  • Your request can be connected to any of Haaga-Helia's campuses, so tell from which campus are you from.
  • If you wish to see us face to face, you're welcome to meet us during the appointment hours.
  • We wish to help you as soon as possible, but sometimes we're busy and we'll contact you later if the matter is not urgent. We have thousands of computers and users to take care of.
  • If you use formatted text in your e-mail, it will be transformed as an unformatted text when received on the Helpdesk system (instead the attachments or the embedded pictures will be received OK).

Rules and agreements

Contact info
Opening hours
Mon-Wed 8-18 (non-teaching weeks 9-15)
Thu 8-13 ja 16-18 (non-teaching weeks 9 - 13)
Fr 8-16 (non-teaching weeks 9-15)

Ratapihantie 13
00520 Pasila