Competence badges for vocational teacher 2022–2023


Lead paragraph

Digital competence badges are a visual way of demonstrating competence that has been acquired prior to vocational teacher education or during the studies.

How to apply competence badges

  1. Choose the badge you want to apply for.

  2. Get familiar with the badge requirements. Remember to click open the full description of the badge requirements.

  3. Plan your badge demonstration according to instructions, and prepare the required documentation (descriptions, links and attachments).

  4. Send your badge application by filling in the application form. Add all the necessary attachments to the application.

  5. Check that your application is done with the same email address you used, when you created your Open Badge Passport.

  6. Your application will be processed within 2 weeks (summer break 14.6.–9.8.2021, no assessment). You will receive an email notification when your badge is approved. You will also receive a notification if something is still needs to be revised.

Links to applications