COEUR Project

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COEUR is an annual international workshop designed for future entrepreneurs. We believe that a multicultural environment is the key to success in creating breakthrough ideas that make the brighter day of tomorrow closer.

Why Go To COEUR?

In workshop, the focus is on BUSINESS CREATIVITY and the GENERATION OF CREATIVE IDEAS which finally end up in a concrete VALUE PROPOSITION. Thus, the COEUR learning opportunities clearly distinguish from business planning.

By concentrating on the PROCESS OF PROBLEM DEFINITION and IDEA DEVELOPMENT the COEUR learning opportunities contribute to harvesting the most important resources on which Europe will have to build in the future: creative ideas!

All COEUR learning opportunities are based on DIVERSITY to stimulate creative thinking with the help of the cultural, personal and educational diversity of participants. Focusing on DIVERSITY all learning opportunities are open to participants from any discipline.

International Mobility

If a long-term student exchange abroad is not suitable for you, attending this workshop might just be what you are looking for! 

The course should be suitable for your studies and accepted as part of your degree at Haaga-Helia. After the workshop, your credits will be transferred into your Haaga-Helia degree 

Students would go again to COEUR
of participants rate COEUR as "good" and "great"
of students considered keynote speeches helpful

"It changed my life!" (Mainz 2004)

"An indescribable experience and definitely the best decision this year" (Wraclaw 2006)

"It puts a focus on a part of business-life which is neglected in our studies: Business Creativity" (Lisbon 2013) 

"It was a surprising week full of practical knowledge, great coaches and wonderful speaker!" (Helsinki 2016)

"An awesome jorney through a creative process" (Aberdeen 2018)

"Challenging, tiring, exhausting, inspiring and worth doing" Mainz 2022)


Apply to COEUR 2023!

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Once you have been accepted you will have to enroll to the course via Peppi.