Bachelor's Degree Programmes

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At Haaga-Helia you can study to become an expert in business, tourism, hotel and restaurant management, journalism, information technology, or sports and leisure management.

Our practical studies give you the skills to work independently in various professional tasks and in international environments.

Haaga-Helia supports your professional growth. We offer you a wide network of international partner universities and close connections to business life. As a result, our graduates are highly valued in the job market.

Our Bachelor's degrees can be conducted as full-time or as part-time or multiform learning in Finnish and English. Depending on the study programme, the scope of the degree is 210–240 credits, which takes about 3,5–4,5 years of full-time studying.

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Our Bachelor's programmes

Degree Programme in International Business
Bachelor's degree | 210 ECTS | Helsinki
Degree Programme in Business Information Technology
Bachelor's degree | 210 ECTS | Helsinki
Degree Programme in Digital Business Innovations
Bachelor's degree | 210 ECTS | Porvoo
Degree Programme in Aviation Business
Bachelor's degree | 210 ECTS | Porvoo
Degree Programme in Hospitality and Tourism Experience Management
Bachelor's degree | 210 ECTS | Helsinki
Degree Programme in Sustainable Tourism and Event Management
Bachelor's degree | 210 ECTS | Porvoo
Sports Coaching and Management
Bachelor's degree | 210 ECTS | Vierumäki

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Student experiences

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"I’ve always felt at ease here knowing that I’m in control of my career path and decision...
Student testimonial
”I came to realise that not only is studying possible while having small children, it’s al...
Student testimonial
"Straight out of High School, I didn’t really know my talents or skills ”, says Roberts Be...
Student testimonial
"The common interest in the aviation industry unites us all during the lectures"
Student testimonial
“Maybe I should update my knowledge by taking up a couple of online-courses”, Jay Bhavsar ...
Student testimonial
“Studying here develops me as a person and as a coach”, says Derek Read, second-year stude...