Strategic Thinking and Driving Organisations with Creativity and Innovativeness (MASTER), Open UAS

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Strategic thinking, creativity and innovativeness drive organisations for success and growth. This course module (10 ECTS) consists of two courses which develop strategic thinking and deepen the self-knowhow of entrepreneurship.

In Strategic Thinking and Growth Strategies course, the student developes strategic thinking and uses suitable tools for it, recognises substantial changes taking place in the working environment and assesses how the changes affect the different business models and organisations and analyses competitive advantages and –strategies and recognizes different growth possibilities.

Fostering Creativity and Innovativeness at Organisations course introduces the key success factors of entrepreneurship, such as creativity, innovation and strategic growth mindset. The student learns to perceive creativity and innovation as drivers of an organisation’s performance, understands how creativity and innovation are applied to a business opportunity recognition and can analyse and apply creativity and innovation to a leadership challenge.

In terms of learning tasks, the courses include exercises related to self-reflection, innovation & growth and methods & tools to be applied. There are six meetings online in this study module.

Please note! Studies can be completed only by individuals who have completed an appropriate Bachelor´s (or higher) degree suitable for the field of you are studying.


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