Introduction to E-learning with Finnish Touch

Kuvituskuva opiskelijat yhdessä

You will be familiar with the basics of Finnish digital pedagogy and designing of digital learning processes. You will also be familiar with design and recording of an instructional video. 

Course overview

Module 1. Digital pedagogy

1.    Introduction to pedagogy
2.    Student-centred learning
3.    Learning environments

Module 2. Design for digital learning

1.    Analyzing student groups
2.    Defining learning outcomes and designing content
3.    Teaching methods, learning activities and assessment

Module 3. How do you make an instructional video?

1.    Filming and editing instructional video

Why start studying now?

The Covid-19 pandemic forced education from classrooms to online environments. The change happened so fast that there was not enough time to think about pedagogical solutions. Now, it is good time to evaluate the made solutions and to concentrate to design for online learning and to think how to enrich the educational solutions with videos. 

How do I purchase the course?

You may buy the course by filling in the enrollment into the course. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your order and an invoice. It contains all relevant data on your purchase.

You will receive your credentials to use the course upon payment of the bill.

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How do I get access to the materials and for how long do I have to finish the course?

After we have verified your payment, you will be sent credentials for the log-in to the learning environment, where you will conduct your studies. In the learning environment, you will find all your study materials, which are available for you for 9 months.

You may study at your own phase and return to study materials any time you wish.

Training for  group or company personnel

If you’re ordering the course for your company personnel (for multiple users), please contact Haaga-Helia Head of Sales Jutta Paukkonen,

Credentials to each user will be sent via personal e-mail after verification of your company payment.


Course mode: Self-study, about 50 hours
Target group: Teachers and trainers
Course material: Instructions, learning material (text and videos, learning activities and assignments, additional learning material)
Language: English
Level: Beginners in e-learning

Cost:  250 €  (incl.  VAT 24%)

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