Adventure education and experiential learning in practice

Valokuva opiskelijoista

On this course you will learn the basic concepts of adventure education and experiential learning and learn to plan and implement simple adventure educational processes.

During the course you will plan a practical implementation of adventure education in your own work with support from a professional mentor.

Adventure education is a powerful tool in supporting the growth and development of individuals and groups. It can be applied in schools, youth work and in social work, for example in promoting engagement, reinforcing the sense of community, promoting well-being, improving self-knowledge and building environmental awareness.

In addition to outdoor settings, adventure pedagogy can also be applied in urban environments and indoor settings.


  • To provide basic knowledge about adventure education and experiential learning
  • To learn to apply the methods of adventure education in practice
  • Learn how to build elements of sustainability and environmental awareness in adventure educational programs

Main contents

Module 1

Basic concepts of adventure education and experiential learning

Module 2

Adventure education and experiential learning in practice; planning an adventure educational program and applying the methods in practice.

Module 3

Reflection and wrap-up: Sharing the experiences from the adventure educational programs planned & implemented by the participants, learning from them and wrapping up the training


The training process begins with 2 webinar days including workshops (module 1).

The second module consists of an assignment related to the participants’ own work where they develop their skills in planning and applying adventure educational learning processes, a reading package to deepen knowledge on the theoretical concepts and a small group coaching session to support the participants’ work on the assignment.

The third module consists of a 1-2 day final seminar including feedback, evaluation and wrapping up the learning process.

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