Accident insurance

Haaga-Helia does not take accident insurance for students. With regard to work placement, it is the student’s employer who takes statutory employer's insurance for the student if the student receives a salary. On the other hand, if the student is engaging in compulsory work placement that does not involve a salary, it is Haaga-Helia who takes statutory insurance for the student for the duration of the work placement.

Insurance taken by Haaga-Helia on behalf of the student never covers ordinary classes or the student’s free-time. Only in exceptional cases does the insurance cover curricula-based classes involving practical training, e.g. the sports classes of students in sports & leisure degree programmes or the vocational classes of students in hotel & restaurant programmes. In such exceptional cases, students are covered by statutory accident insurance provided by OP Insurance Company. The insurance does not cover students who participate in such training but are enrolled in degree programmes in other fields.

It is recommended that students take their own insurance, for example insurance covering sporting activities, for accidents not covered by insurance taken by Haaga-Helia. It is especially recommended that students take their own insurance for the duration of any travel abroad.

See insurance certificate here: Trainers' all risk insurance

In case you are completing your work placement abroad, please also see insurance details in Work placement abroad.

Students in Vierumäki

Vierumäki students have been insured for accidents that take place during practical sports lessons included in the curriculum. The insurance is standard and provided by Pohjola insurance company. In addition, it is highly recommended that Vierumäki students take additional insurance or a sports insurance for cases not covered by the standard insurance.