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VR Fast track

VR Fast track


The use of virtual reality has been studied to some extent, but mainly in school and university contexts. The use of virtual reality has been limited in terms of employment training and identification of competence.

The VR Fast track -project's main goals are:

  • Develop a virtual reality-based fast track model for identifying competence together with immigrant organizations and entrepreneurs, and thereby open routes to employment, particularly responding to labor shortages caused by positive structural change.
  • Brainstorm, develop, test and conceptualize a training package that utilizes the opportunities of the virtual world in training immigrants according to the needs of companies. The model consist of the study of needed applications and accessories, the costs of the training package and conception of the training package, planning and implementation.
  • Develop a model for entrepreneurial consortia (employers' pools) to employ, for example, immigrant teams (employee pools) and to test the possibilities of entrepreneurship for the employment and acquisition of work experience with immigrant entrepreneurs and immigrant organizations.
  • Explore how low-threshold work promotes immigrants' language skills and thus increases opportunities for further employment.

Project manager: Merja Drake

Duration: 1.10.2019 - 31.12.2021

Partners: Haaga-Helia UAS, Turku UAS

Funding: European Social Fund