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Sales Management

Sales Management

The Aims for the Sales Management program are to go through the value added sales management process and give practical and analytical tools for planning and managing profitable sales process.

The objectives for Sales Management program are:

•    Learning to scan and analyze the macro-and microecono-mic business environments and their challenges and possibilities for profitable business
•    Planning and managing entire sales process innovatively in turbulent business environment
•    Converting the company’s financial and strategic objectives into sales  process
•    Creating a new way to identify and analyze customers using innovative tools
•    Creating and implementing effective incentive programmes



•    Sales based environmental analysis
•    Customer analysis
•    Competitive advantage identification
•    Value sales as a profit generator
•    Sales process evaluation and development
•    Action plan

Sales Process

•    Key elements of effective and profitable sales process
•    How to integrate customer’s purchasing process to sales process?
•    Moments of truth in sales process

Managing the sales process

•    Information needed for effective sales management
•    Pipeline-model as a sales tool
•    Follow up and measurement of performance
•    Customer profitability evaluation
•    Old customers/new customers; how to act?

Sales Management

•    Roles of sales management
•    Recruitment and orientation of new sales staff
•    Innovative sales management
•    Key elements of effective and profitable sales management
•    How to create and maintain optimal capacity of sales staff?

Tools of the Module

•    EFE ( External Factor Evaluation)
•    IFE ( Internal Factor Evaluation)
•    Innovative Customer analysis
•    Pyramid Model
•    Customer profitability analysis
•    External development discussion form

PRICE: 790€ + vat 24%
MORE INFORMATION: anne.bondarew@haaga-helia.fi, tel. 040 488 7291

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