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IATA - Authorized Training Center

IATA - Authorized Training Center

Authorized Training Center

Haaga-Helia has been since the beginning of 2018 an IATA Authorized Training Center. We are the local trainer in Helsinki area, in Finland. We offer different kind of IATA trainings, with passion and knowledge.

Our more specific course schedule is found from the course links.

IATA briefly

The acronym IATA stands for International Air Transport Association, which is the trade association for the world´s airlines. It represents some 290 airlines or 82% of total air traffic. It supports many areas of aviation activity and help formulate industry policy on critical aviation issues. IATA was founded in 1945 in Havana, Cuba and it is the prime vehicle for interairline cooperation in promoting safe, reliable, secure and economical air services for the benefit of the world’s consumers. It's vision is to be the force for value creation and innovation driving a safe, secure and profitable air transport industry that sustainably connects and enriches our world.

Reasons to participate our IATA trainings

In order for an IATA accredited travel agency to be able to issue tickets through BSP, it is required that a certain part of the staff has completed IATA training. In addition, with an IATA diploma you can work within the industry anywhere in the world. Come and learn with the guidance of our certified trainers!

Haaga-Helia on ollut vuoden 2018 alusta IATA-sertifioitu koulutuskumppani. Tarjoamme matkailualalla työskenteleville IATAn erikoiskoulutuksia yllä olevilla kursseilla. Tutustu lisää kurssikokonaisuuksiin alasivujen kautta.

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