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Employee engagement as a competitive advantage

Employee engagement as a competitive advantage


An organization’s performance, wealth creation, and
competitiveness rest on the capability of management
to engage knowledge workers for the benefit of all

As competition intensifies, attracting, training, engaging and
retaining employees have become vital for organizations.
High employee engagement drives discretionary effort,
innovation, customer loyalty, quality, profitability,
productivity, and retention of top talents.

The interactive and practical training workshops will focus
on understanding:

  • what employee engagement is and what it is not;
  • what drives employee engagement or disengagement;
  • why employee engagement matters; what are its tangible and intangible benefits;
  • how to build, sustain, and measure employee engagement.


The value for the participant will come from understanding
the concept, models, drivers and measures of employee

In addition, by sharing best practices in engaging the
workforce, participants will gain knowledge of identifying
problems, developing solutions, and measuring outcomes.


The face-to-face training sessions will be a mixture of
interactive lectures, discussions, exercises, questionnaires,
and knowledge sharing.

The training will take place as follows:

  • Week 1: Orientation workshop (8 hours);
  • Week 2: Problem identification session (4 hours);
  • Week 3: Problem solving session (4 hours); and
  • Week 4: Best practices sharing session workshop (8 hours).

Who should participate?

This interactive training is recommended to
managers, employers and employees caring about
creating value for and with internal and external


The price of the training depends on the number of
participants, location, length and specifi c contents.

Contact information

Juha Marjakangas
Training Manager
Mobile +358 50 570 7101,
E-mail: juha.marjakangas@haaga-helia.fi

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