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Leading Passion Conference

Leading Passion Conference

The Leading Passion: Motivation and Work in the Post-Industrial Era Research Conference and the Innostu, inspiroidu, johda! business seminar were both a part of a three-year project aiming at increasing the capabilities of Finnish companies to lead their employees’ passion at work, and were closely tied with creating cultures of engagement, and to enhancing companies’ competitiveness in the post-industrial era. The project provided organizations with online tools for cultural assessment and recruitment.

Implementation and outcome

As a self-organizing team, the students had a demanding task to prepare a two-day conference and, on top of that, a business seminar. However, as in every project, they scheduled periodic meetings to discuss the project’s goals, assigned tasks, and progress. The challenge was to not waste anyone’s time because all the parties involved in organizing these events also had a lot of other responsibilities. Therefore, the actual work was done outside the meetings and keeping deadlines was a number one priority. Moreover, students used meetings’ alternatives to distribute information by using online tools whenever possible.

Despite of being new to academic conferences, the team succeeded. In addition to designing the event, the students also worked at the event in multiple tasks, most notably customer service and preparing food. The staff working at the event received a lot of praise from the attendees. One individual even stated that it was the best organized conference he had ever been to.

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