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Curriculum - Degree Programme in Sport Development and Management, Vierumäki campus, Master education

Curriculum - Degree Programme in Sport Development and Management, Vierumäki campus, Master education

1. Personal Skills and Competences (5 ECTS)
 a) Study Plan
b) Communication Skills
c) Information Management and Technology
d) Creation of Learning Communities

2. Sport Business Intelligence (5 ECTS)

a) Research (marketing research, planning, data collection, analysis, discussions, interpretation and ethics)
b) New Research Data related to the Field and Project Work, Critical Data Evaluation and Interpretation
c) Basics of Project Management
d) Data Collection and Field Studies
e) Library Services
f) Value-Based Recruitment

3. Finance and Management (5 ECTS)

a) Strategic Management
b) Modern Human Resource Management
c) Service Design and New Service Development
d) Sport Governance and Legacy
e) Research Project Management
f) Production and Management of Welfare Services
g) Economics and Finance of Sport

4. Marketing (30 ECTS)

a) Marketing Planning
b) Sport Marketing
c) Marketing Through Sport and Modern Sponsoring
d) Event Marketing
e) Athlete, Branding and Brand Management
f) Sport as a Media Product and Sport Event Communication
g) International Sport Marketing and the Future of Sport Marketing

5. Communication and Media Management (5 ECTS)

a) Planning and Tools
b) Personal and Organisational Communication
c) Internal and External Communication

6. Optional Studies (10 ECTS)

An international sport management seminar abroad connected with the EASM (European Association for Sport Management) Annual Conference (http://www.easm.net) with preparatory work and lecture diary
The American Model of Sport (George Mason University, Manassas, Washington D.C. USA)
Research Project Study tour (2010: FIFA World Cup, Cape Town, South Africa, 2012: London Olympics, Great Britain, 2012: UEFA Euro Cup, Gdansk, Poland, etc.)
or studies closely related to development of personal competencies or individual field work. Optional studies are included in the personal curriculum

7. Thesis (Field Work 30 ECTS)

The Master's Thesis is a development process related to the student's current job. The planning of this work starts immediately with the guidance of tutors, professionals and employers. At the end of the studies, the field works will be presented publicly in special work shops.

Content: leadership, marketing, financing, communication – the thesis is a concrete development project. Students take part in the real activities of the organisation, they participate in also seminars. Individual tutoring is available as well. Collecting relevant information and regular reporting is part of the work.