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Language Studies, Curriculum 2010

Language Studies, Curriculum 2010

The information below applies to the students who have started their studies before autumn 2014.

Extent of Studies

In the Degree Programme for Multilingual Management Assistants Finnish students are required to study Finnish and English and two additional languages. Foreign students are required to study Finnish, English and one additional language. The languages available are Chinese, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

Students must complete, besides the possible 9 credit points elementary studies, 16 credit points of core and professional studies in each of their chosen main languages (Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Swedish), where core studies account for 6 credit points, and professional studies for 10 credit points.

Additionally, the student has to complete a language project (2 credit points) in either English or in one of her/his elective languages.

All Finnish students in the degree programme must complete 12 credit points of studies in Finnish. Foreign students must complete 22 credit points in Finnish.

Students can apply to have another language than one of the aforementioned accepted as one of the main languages.

It is recommended that the student chooses as her/his elective main languages only languages, in which he/she has at least the basic skills. However, it is possible to start one compulsory language from the elementary level.

Language proficiency objectives

The foreign language proficiency objectives are that students:

  • are able to communicate orally as required in business life and culture (e.g. telephone language and corporate presentations)
  • are able to communicate fluently in writing in demanding professional contexts (e.g. meeting documents, PR letters and other corporate communications)
  • have acquired solid presentation skills and are aware of non-verbal communications.

Starting Levels and Proficiency Objectives

The study of English is started at level B2 of the common European framework (see Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment, 2001). The study of Swedish is started at level B1. The core studies in Chinese, French, German, Russian and Spanish, are started at level A2.

The student who has studied the language (Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Russian) in upper secondary school/high school or who has reached equivalent skills in it starts the studies at the core level.

The objective for English is level C1. and Swedish is level C1of the common European framework. The objective for French, German, Russian and Spanish studies is level B2 in the common European framework. The objective for Chinese is level B1.

Foreign students start their Finnish studies at elementary level. The objective for Finnish studies is level B2.

The European language learning, teaching and evaluation general framework is used when determining both the starting and target levels for language studies in the DP for Multilingual Management Assistants. These two levels for students beginning their basic-level language studies are as follows:

  Starting level Target level
English B2 C1
Spanish A2 B2
Chinese A1 B1
French A2 B2
Swedish B1 C1
German A2 B2
Russian A2 B2


Elementary Studies

Students can begin their language studies by choosing a beginners course in one of the compulsory languages. Introductory courses are offered in Chinese, Finnish (for foreign students), French, German, Russian and Spanish as free-choice studies if enough students enroll. Beginners’ courses in Swedish and English are not offered.

Students who start their language studies at the elementary level should complete beginners’ level during the first semester. It is recommended that the intermediate level is taken during the second semester, at the same time that the student begins his or her studies in grammar and the structure of language. It is also recommended that intermediate level be taken in conjunction with grammar on part of those students who have studied the language but have not had sufficient practice with it afterwards.

The elementary English or Swedish courses are not offered in the DP for Multilingual Management Assistants.

Free-choice Language Studies

The student can include in her/his studies the following free-choice language studies:

* elementary courses
* extra language studies
* language studies which are not part of her/his compulsory language studies (16/18)

The elementary language courses and the extra language courses are always included in the free-choice studies.

It is not recommended to start at the same time two new languages from the elementary level.

Swedish Studies

If students do not choose Swedish as one of their main languages, they then must complete 6 credit points of core studies in Swedish, Basic Business Swedish (SWE1LE001). This course covers the proficiency in Swedish as a second language that is required by Finnish law from public servants that have a degree from an institute of higher education. The student's proficiency in Swedish is indicated in the degree diploma.

The aforementioned Swedish requirements do not apply to students who have completed their prior studies abroad or in a language other than Finnish or Swedish. Students must apply for exemption from Swedish studies in writing. The applications are to be submitted to the Manager of the Degree Programme.

Students who have completed their secondary school in Swedish do not need to take Swedish up to 6 credit points if they intend to write their maturity test in Swedish and apply for this right from the Manager of the Degree Programme. Students who speak Swedish as their mother tongue can choose Swedish as one of their compulsory languages. In such a case, however, they must complete their Swedish studies according to the programme for native Swedish speakers (see below).

Students who speak Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish or Swedish as their mother tongue follow the language curricula given below.

Students starting their studies in autumn 2014 or after will follow a new curriculum that will be updated to this website during spring 2014.


Students who speak English as their mother tongue ECTS Code
  PR English 3 cr COM2LE070C
  English Business and Financial Communication 5 cr ENG2LE040
  British Studies 3 cr ENG8LE001
  Finnish Society and Business 5 cr ENG8LE020
  Language Project in English 2 cr ENG4LE050
  Total 18 cr  
Students who speak Spanish as their mother tongue    
  Portfolio on Finland in Spanish 3 cr SPA8LE040
  Translation Exercises from Finnish to Spanish 3 cr SPA8LS012
  Spanish Business Communication 3 cr SPA4LE010
  Spanish Business Documents 3 cr SPA4LE046
  Part Spanish Newspaper Texts in the course Business and Society in Latin America 2 cr SPA4LE055
  Language Project in Spanish 2 cr SPA4LE050
  Total 16 cr  
Students who speak Chinese as their mother tongue    
  International Business Chinese 3 cr CHI4LE006
  Advanced Business Chinese 3 cr CHI4LE007
  Chinese Business Culture 3 cr CHI4LE004
  The part Chinese Business Documents in the course Economic Life of the Chinese-speaking Areas 2 cr CHI4LE015
  Introduction to Chinese-speaking Areas 3 cr CHI4LE005A
  Language Project in Chinese 2 cr CHI4LE050
  Total 16 cr  
Students who speak French as their mother tongue    
  Basic Business French 2 3 cr FRE4LE006
  French Working Environment and PR French 3 cr FRE4LE007
  Knowledge of Finland and the Nordic Countries 6 cr FRE8LE070
  Half of the course French Media and Communication 2 cr FRE4LE030
  Language Project in French 2 cr FRE4LE050
  Total 16 cr  
Students who speak Swedish as their mother tongue    
  PR Swedish  / One 3 ECTS online course from Norden-network at
Finnish Online University of Applied Sciences
3 cr SWE4LE063
  Written part of the course Spoken and Written Business Swedish 2 cr SWE4LE050
  Swedish Business Communication 3 cr SWE4LE041
  Nordisk Handel 6 cr IBU8LS005
  Language Project in Swedish 2 cr SWE4LE051
  Total 16 cr  
Students who speak German as their mother tongue    
  German Business Communication 3 cr GER4LE002
  PR German 3 cr GER4LE068
  Business Communication in German-speaking Europe 4 cr GER4LE040
  German Literature 3 cr GER8LE071
  Portfolio of Finnish Culture 3 cr GER8LE060
  Total 16 cr  
Students who speak Russian as their mother tongue    
  Cyrillic Word - processing and transliteration 3 cr RUS8LE037
  Russian Business Documents 3 cr RUS4LE042
  Russian Linquistic Correctness 3 cr RUS8LE011
  Part of the course Russian Business Environment:
Assistant’s Job in Russian Trade
2 cr RUS4LE030B
  Corporate Communications in Russian 3 cr RUS4LE047
  Language Project in Russian 2 cr RUS4LE050
  Total 16 cr  

* If a language project is included in the native language speaker's curricula, the student has to complete a language project also in another language.