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Course list, Finnish students, Curriculum 2010

Course list, Finnish students, Curriculum 2010

The information below applies to the students who have started their studies before autumn 2014.

Degree Programme for Multilingual Management Assistants Code ECTS
Core studies    
  Compulsory core studies    
    Financial Administration and Reporting ACC1LE026


    Basics of Accounting ACC1LE026A 4
    Mathematics and Spreadsheet in Financial Administration ACC1LE026B 4
    Basics of Economics ECO1LE004 3
    Spoken Business English ENG1LE002 3
    English Grammar ENG1LE015 3
    Finnish Grammar and Linguistic Correctness FIN1LE001 3
    Producing Business Documents INF1LE022 3
    Introduction to Business Law LAW2LE045 3
    Basic Business Swedish SWE1LE001 6
    Business Networks: WOR1LE001


    Introduction to Business English WOR1LE001A 2
    Introduction to Marketing WOR1LE001B 3
    Organisations and Leadership WOR1LE001C 5
    Introduction to Information Retrieval WOR1LE001D 2
    Office Applications WOR1LE001E 4
    Purpose and Practices of Organisational Communication WOR1LE001F 2
  Elective core studies    
    Chinese Business Communication CHI4LE002 3
    Spoken Communication in Chinese CHI4LE009 3
    Basic Business French 1 FRE4LE005 3
    Basic Business French 2 FRE4LE006 3
    Spoken Communication in Business German GER4LE007 3
    German Grammar GER4LE064 3
    Basic Business Russian 1 RUS4LE070 3
    Basic Business Russian 2 RUS4LE005 3
    Spoken Spanish in Practice SPA4LE070 3
    Spanish Grammar SPA4LE008 3
    PR Swedish SWE4LE063 3
Professional Studies    
  Compulsory professional studies    
    Cultures in Contact CUL2LE001 3
    Online Communication COM2LE050 3
    Organisational Communication Management COM2LE062 3
    Corporate Public Relations COM2LE070


    Business Events and Etiquette COM2LE070A 2
    Business Event Project COM2LE070B 2
    PR English COM2LE070C 3
    English Business and Financial Communication: ENG2LE040


    English Business Documents and Knowledge of the Economy ENG2LE040A 3
    EU Studies ENG2LE040B 2
    Finnish Business Documents FIN2LE024 5
    Spoken Communication in Finnish FIN2LE025 4
    Processing Information and Managing Documents INF2LE020 3
    Administrative and Labour Law LAW2LE046 3
    Meetings and Travel Management LEA2LE060 5
    Strategic Management and Corporate Social Responsibility LEA2LE071 3
    Research Practices: MET2LE030


    Introduction to Research MET2LE030A 2
    Research Methods and Academic Writing MET2LE030B 3
    Assessment of Professional Growth and Career Planning: SLF2LE080


    Career Planning 1 SLF2LE080A 1
    Career Planning 2 SLF2LE080B 1
    Career Planning 3 SLF2LE080C 1
    Business Operations and Entrepreneurship WOR2LE001 6
  Elective professional studies    
    Assessing and Planning Organisational Communication COM4LE002 3
    Work-based Project on Organisations and Publicity COM4LE006 4
    PR Chinese CHI4LE003 3
    Chinese Business Culture CHI4LE004 3
    Language project in Chinese CHI4LE050 2
    Economic Life of the Chinese-speaking Areas CHI4LE015 4
    Language Project in English ENG4LE050 2
    French Working Environment and PR French FRE4LE007 3
    French and Finnish Cultures in Contact FRE4LE008 3
    French Media and Communication FRE4LE030 4
    Language Project in French FRE4LE050 2
    German Business Communication GER4LE002 3
    Business Communication in German-speaking Europe GER4LE040 4
    Language Project in German GER4LE050 2
    PR German GER4LE068 3
    People at Work LEA4LS080 3
    Work-based Project on HRM LEA4LS081 4
    Marketing and Networks MAR4LE006 3
    Work-based Project on Marketing MAR4LE007 4
    Russian Business Documents RUS4LE042 3
    Russian Business Environment RUS4LE030


    Contract Texts in Russian Trade RUS4LE030A 2
    Assistant’s Job in Russian Trade RUS4LE030B 2
    Spoken Communication in Business Russian RUS4LE041 3
    Language Project in Russian RUS4LE050 2
    Spanish Business Communication SPA4LE010 3
    Spanish Business Documents SPA4LE046 3
    Language Project in Spanish SPA4LE050 2
    Business and Society in Latin America SPA4LE055 4
    Swedish Business Communication SWE4LE041 3
    Spoken and Written Business Swedish SWE4LE050 4
    Language Project in Swedish SWE4LE051 2
Free-choice Studies    
    Chinese for Beginners CHI8LE004 6
    Intermediate Chinese CHI8LE005 3
    Contemporary Finnish Literature FIN8LE001 3
    German for Beginners 1 GER8LE080 6
    German for Beginners 2 GER8LE030 3
    Cultural Portfolio of German-speaking Europe GER8LE070 3
    German Literature GER8LE071 3
    Nordisk Handel IBU8LS005 6
    International Business Law LAW8LS041 3
    Russian Linguistic Correctness RUS8LE011 3
    Cyrillic Word - processing and transliteration RUS8LE037 3
    Self-assessment of the Learning Environment in Management Assistant Education INS8LE101 1
Work Placement    
    Work Placement PLA6LE003 30
Bachelor's Thesis    
    Bachelor's Thesis/Marketing THE7LE002 15
    Bachelor's Thesis/Organisations, Leadership and HR THE7LE023 15
    Bachelor's Thesis/Organisational Communication THE7LE025 15