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Course List - Degree Programme in Sports Coaching and Management - Specialization: Sport Management in Guangzhou, China

Course List - Degree Programme in Sports Coaching and Management - Specialization: Sport Management in Guangzhou, China

Profile of the Sport Management Study Module

Sport Management Study Module prepares students with the skills and competences that are needed in today's sports and leisure industry as well as in sport organizations. General sport studies and specific sport management studies develop the students' knowhow particularly in different administrative positions of sports and leisure organizations. The teaching is organized in English enabling the graduates to work in an international environment.

Active participation in different projects during the studies prepares the students to undertake challenging development positions in sport management organizations. In close co-operation with companies and sport organizations, student work on solving real life problems using innovative and creative solutions.

Key learning outcomes

The main objectives are as follows:

  • global view to sport management
  • relevant sport management skills and competences
  • positively deviant individual sport management performance

For students specializing on sport management, the study module offers a unique opportunity to be involved in the development of the sport on a local, national and global perspective. Through the close co-operation with sport organizations and business enterprises, the students are actively involved in the worldwide development of the sport managment constantly seeking to incorporate research and actual experience ideas and initiatives generated directly from within the sport as part of the module. Active participation to various projects during the studies prepares students to undertake challenging developmental roles in sport management related organizations.

Professional growth

In order to succeed in international and global sport management, it is vital for the students to acquire versatile skills in all fields of sport. The aim is to take the students from the orientation stage step by step towards their individually chosen specialization area.


Degree Programme in Sports Coaching and Management, Bachelor education,

Specialization: Sport Management, in Guangzhou China





  Communication and language skills   15
    Written English COM1SD002D 3
    Computing skills COM1SD002E 3
    Communication skills COM1SD002F 3
    Integrated business English  COM1SD002G 6
  Sport and Leisure Management LEASD 65
    Sport in society LEA1SD100 2
    Graduation practice LEA1SD200 8
    Sport management in the world LEA1SD300 3
    Sport and health LEA1SD400 2
    Sport management skills LEA1SD500 10
    Sport marketing LEA1SD600 10
    Human resource management LEA1SD700 10
    Sport entrepreneurship LEA1SD800 10
    Sport management studies   10
  Event and organizational management MGTSD 50
    Introduction to sports   10
    Introduction to leisure sports   10
    Sports sociology   10
    Sports organization management   10
    Sport event management   10
  RDI competences METSD 15
    Information retrieval and evaluation MET1SD002 5
    Sport business intelligence  MET1SD004 10
  Elective studies ELE8SD 20
  Work placement PLA6SD 30
  Bachelor's thesis THE7SD 15
Total   210