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StartUp School - Workshops for Action

StartUp School - Workshops for Action

Code: WOR8HH039

Scope: 5 ECTS (135 h)

Language: English (assignments can be done either in English or in Finnish)

Course level: Professional Studies (or Free-choice)

Course type: Elective (or Free-choice)


For details of implementation and enrollment: https://startupschool.fi/workshops-for-action/


Starting level and linkage with other courses

You should have a business idea or a running business to work with.


Learning objectives and assessment

Upon successful completion of the course, you will:

  • learn concrete tools for running your business
  • develop your practical entrepreneurial skills in various themes
  • be able to reflect and analyze your own development and skills as an entrepreneur


Recognizing and validating prior learning (RPL) + Work & Study

Accreditation of learning is possible if you are able to show that you have attended some practical workshops elsewhere and you are able to reflect on what you learned there.


Working life connections

Various workshops ran by professionals from work life.



Internationality is visible through the assignments.



The course includes five workshops, which can be chosen from the StartUp School or external workshop selection. External workshops need to be approved as part of Workshops for Action course. After you have participated five workshops, you create a portfolio, which shows learnings, implementation and reflection. You apply the gained skill and knowledge in your business idea or established company. The format of the learning portfolio can be a report, blog, video presentation or picture diary.


Learning methods

Attending and working at the five StartUp School’s Action workshops and creating a portfolio of the independent assignments. Applying gained skills and learnings in entrepreneurial work.


Assessment criteria

Student participates actively during the workshops, plans how to apply gained skills into entrepreneurship and reflects on the learnings from the workshops. Course assessment is on a scale of 1 to 5. The Assessment criteria is on a scale of 1-3-5.



Student can recognize development areas of her/his entrepreneurial vision.

+ Student understands and describes his/her development areas and can build his activities based on his own needs.

+ Student can create a realistic development plan for him/herself to support improvement as an entrepreneur.


Student describes his/her learnings from different workshops. 

+ Student identifies his/her learnings and is able to define next steps of the development plan.

+ Student clarifies his/her learnings more advanced level and mirror learnings into his/her development plan.



Student can identify learnings of the workshops and tests them with her/his business idea.

+ Student takes first steps to implement these learnings in practice.

+ Student has implemented learnings in practice successfully and creates further development plan.


Student can reflect his/her major learnings from the workshops and implementation.

+ Student is able analyze his/her learnings more deeply.

+ Student reflects how development plan, learnings of the workshops and implementations effect to his/her actions as an entrepreneur.




Teachers responsible

Please email startupschool@haaga-helia.fi



Course materials

Available in Moodle