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StartUp School - Future Working Skills

StartUp School - Future Working Skills

Code: WOR8HH033
Scope: number of credits: 1 ECTS
Timing: 1.-7. semester
Language: English and Finnish
Course level: Professional Studies (or Free-choice)
Course type: Elective (or Free-choice)


Details of implementation and enrollment, please, see http://startupschool.fi/what-we-offer/courses/




Starting level and linkage with other courses

No requirements


Learning objectives and assessment
You learn which working skills are the most important for the future, and reflect on your way of working. You will clarify your personal skills and development areas, and make a development plan. 

Course assessment is on a scale of 1 to 5. The assessment criteria is on scale 1-3-5.


Grade 1

Identifies personal working skills and communicates them to the group.

Can find development areas of personal working skills.

Can give input to the other students about their working skills.


Grade 3

Can identify personal working skills and communicate them to the group.

Can find development areas and create a personal plan to strengthen these.

Can give constructive feedback and support other students.


Grade 5

Can identify personal working skills, analyse and write an advanced development plan for those working skills.

Can give constructive feedback, support and give new ideas to other students’ development plans.


Recognising and validating prior learning (RPL)
Accreditation of prior learning is applied on the course according to separate instructions. Please contact startupschool@haaga-helia.fi.


Internationality is visible throughout the course and the assignments.


Group coaching, learning diary and assignments.


Learning methods
This course will be implemented using group coaching methods. Teacher will give directions and act as a facilitator.

Course includes mandatory self-learning assignments.


Assessment is based on evaluation of assignments, learning diary and activity within the group work sessions.

Course teacher(s)
Maria Haukka maria.haukka@haaga-helia.fi  

Learning materials
Provided by the teacher.