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Thesis Seminar and Workshop

Thesis Seminar and Workshop
  • Code: THE7TF900
  • Timing: 6th semester
  • Language: English
  • Level: Thesis
  • Type: Compulsory

Learning outcomes

Understand what kind of theses exist and what are their requirements and evaluation principles. Also the thesis writing process should be familiar to the student. After the workshops the student is capable for doing a thesis independently, at the seminars the student will get feedback on his/her thesis.

Course contents

  • General guidelines for doing thesis in HAAGA-HELIA
  • Research type thesis
  • System work type thesis
  • CASE: introducing a good thesis

The studies consist of workshops and seminars. In workshops the thesis process is discussed and thesis writing will be started.

Seminars will be held every third week. In the seminars all students writing their thesis tell shortly:

  • how much is already done (tasks, hours, pages)
  • what are next steps
  • estimated completion of the thesis project
  • what kind of problems there are (if any)

Teaching and learning methods

Workshops and seminars.

The assessment of one’s own learning 1 h

Teacher responsible

Altti Lagstedt, Pasila

Course materials

Thesis instuctions in Moodle (course: BITe_Thesis)

Assessment criteria

Workshops are passed, when student's topic proposal is accepted and an advisor is assigned for the thesis. After student has passed the workshops, the student should attend all the following seminars.

The assessment of one’s own learning does not influence the grade. The assignment is the same for all courses/modules and the answers will also be used for course/module development. The assignment is completed online in WinhaOpaali.