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Work Placement

Work Placement
  • Code: PLA6TF001 
  • Extent: 30 ECTS (810 h) or 15 ECTS (405 h) + 15 ECTS (405 h)
  • Timing: Semester 5 or 6
  • Language: depends on the work placement organization 
  • Level: work placement 
  • Type: compulsory

The course follows the DIGIE curriculum.


The student can start the work placement normally when all the compulsory and elective core studies have been completed. According to the normal study plan the work placement takes place after two years of studies. If the work placement is completed in two parts, the first part can be accepted earlier.

Learning objectives

The students:

  • Familiarise themselves with the practical IT applications of the work placement organisation, as well as with the software development and maintenance practises

Course contents

The work placement required of all students is an essential part of the studies. It accounts for 30 credit points (100 working days) and is completed without interruption.
The student applies for a job her-/himself. All IT work that supports the student's studies qualifies as work placement. Advisable areas are programming, system analysis, and design or similar development and maintenance tasks or digital services. PC- and network support tasks as well as computer operator's work are also suitable.

Teaching and learning methods

Named work placement counsellors guide the student during the work placement. A work placement counsellor is appointed both by the work placement organisation and by Haaga-Helia. The student attends the meetings to be called by the Haaga-Helia’s work placement counsellor prior/during and/or after the work placement, writes a work placement report and hands it in for evaluation to Haaga-Helia's work placement counsellor.  In addition, the student answers the questions of the work placement feedback on Moodle.  This information is available to all students who want some help for looking for the work placement opportunity.

Teacher responsible

Anitta Orpana, Pasila

Assessment criteria

Passed (H)/failed (no grade)