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Master’s Thesis

Master’s Thesis
  • Code: ISM7TX701
  • Extent: 30 ECTS (810 h)
  • Timing: 1st-6th semester
  • Language: English
  • Level: Master Thesis
  • Type: Compulsory

Starting level and linkage with other courses

The subject for the master’s thesis can be specified and the work can be started during the first semester. Completing the thesis requires the choosing of either Program Manager or Service Development Manager Orientation as the study path and accomplishing the relevant courses in the path. Applied Research and Development (MET2HY201) supports the planning of the master’s thesis work.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, the student

  • is able to plan an applied research process for practice based development in a chosen work context
  • is able to implement the planned research process
  • is able to bring research process outcomes into practice based development
  • is able to evaluate the research process
  • is able to bring separate but related thesis assignments together and write an introduction to the completed assignments

Course contents

Master’s thesis is the core of the studies. Thesis report is a collection of separately reported assignments. These include 1) research framework, 2) research process and outcomes, 3) sharing and putting process outcomes to use, 4) evaluation of research and 5) an introduction. Thesis is tied to development efforts made in ICT related development projects and operations. Applied research is carried out to improve development efforts and operations in a way that business achieves value. This value may be deeper understanding of challenges in managing programs or services, new insights into overcoming challenges or new means of carrying out ICT related development or running ICT related operations of the company.

Cooperation with the business community

Thesis implemented in a close cooperation with a chosen business community.

International dimension

Thesis implemented in a setting which has an international dimension.

Accreditation of prior learning (APL)

Not applicable

Teaching and learning methods

Master’s thesis is a collection of both individual and pair or group assignments that are reported separately and finally collected together with an introduction. Guiding students through this process is supported by workshops and a virtual learning environment in which students present and work on their research framework, document and share their research process and outcomes and share their lessons learned.

Teacher(s) responsible

A personal tutor from Haaga-Helia is assigned for the master's thesis work.

Course materials

Thesis Guide

Assessment criteria

The thesis will be assessed by the personal tutor and the second evaluator from Haaga-Helia. The responsible person from the company has the option to give feedback for the evaluation. Thesis assessment form and criteria are available from Moodle and MyNet. Also the maturity test must be accomplished before the assessment.