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Hotel Project

Hotel Project

Code: HOT3RH006
Scope: 6 credits (+ 9 credits course Accommodation Business Management)
Timing: 3rd year
Language: English
Level: professional studies
Type: optional

Learning objectives
Upon completion of the project, the student
• can apply and develop accommodation business know-how into a project
• has the ability to network with various stakeholders in the project
• recognizes different working methods and models in projects
• has developed his/her project working skills
• identifies the objectives and results of the project

• Developing accommodation business concepts, operations and revenue models in projects
• Cooperation, also international, in accommodation clusters and networks
• Managing a goal-oriented and profitable project
• Communication and cooperation within a project
• Objectives and results of projects

Starting level and linkage with other courses
Recommended to be studied after the course Esimiestyö ja toiminnnan kehittäminen majoitusliikkeessä, and to be studied together with the course Accommodation Business Management.

The course is evaluated on a scale excellent (5), very good (4), good (3), satisfactory (2), fair (1), fail (0). The assessment criteria is presented on a scale 1 - 3 - 5.

Grade 1
The student can name different working methods and models in projects.
The student works as a project team member.

Grade 3
The student can apply accommodation business know-how into a project.
The student analyses the outcome of the project.
The student works as a trustworthy and equal project team member.

Grade 5
The student can critically apply and develop accommodation business know-how into a project independently and in an innovative way.
The student proposes and formulates objectives for the project, and critically measures the result of the project.
The student demonstrates skills in project team management.

Working life connections
This course involves multicultural project work commissioned by an external company.

Collaboration with national or international operators in the industry.

Learning methods
Contact hours and project working.
Assessing one’s own learning is a compulsory part of the course.

Teacher responsible
Nina Niemi, Haaga