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Krea Event Management

Krea Event Management

Code: CAM8LH103

Extent: 5 ECTS


Language: English

Level: Professional studies

Type: Elective




The student plans and implements a successful event to match the event’s objectives and integrated corporate communications. The student understands the importance of interaction and participation in making the various stakeholders committed to the event, organisation and brand. The student masters project management skills needed for event planning, implementation and evaluation, as well as analyses the event planning process and outcome from the perspective of success. The student also works successfully with a student team and client organisation.



No prerequisites.


Learning objectives and assessment

Grades 1-2:

The student

- has an understanding of the basic elements involved in event planning and implementation

- has a basic understanding of the project management skills employed during the event management process (planning, coordination, tasks etc.)

- is able to participate in the event management planning process and to complete it with the help of a supervisor


Grades 3-4:

The student

- has a good general understanding of what is involved in event planning and implementation

- is capable of selecting the appropriate tools required to achieve success in the planning and implementation and post-project phases of a specific event in order to meet the goals and objectives of that event

- is able to independently contribute to the event management process with limited supervision


Grade 5:

The student

- understands the planning and implementation process of an event, from the perspective of the event purpose/objectives and integrated corporate communications.

- can appreciate and understand in depth the specific event management risks and risk management concepts

- has advanced skills and understanding of how to select, implement and evaluate the tools required and excellent skills to choose the tools/methods by the situation and objective

- is capable of managing independently some elements of the event management process and can make a significant contribution to the whole process with limited guidance and supervision


Recognising and validating prior learning (RPL)

If the student has acquired the required competence in previous work tasks, recreational activities or on another course, s/he can contact the teacher in charge of the course to agree on how to show the competence. Information and instructions for recognising and validating prior learning are available on MyNet.


Working life connections

The students plan and implement an event as part of the operations of Creative Agency Krea (www.krea.fi).


International dimension

The events have international stakeholders and audiences so the planning and implementation of the event needs to take into account the challenges of appealing to both local and global audiences.


Learning methods

Students provide event management and marketing services to client companies and/or other cooperation partners as part of the operations of Creative Agency Krea (www.krea.fi).

The students learn to take entrepreneurial responsibility for planning and implementing the projects as agreed with the client/cooperation partner. 



Passing the course requires commitment to the team work and contact sessions. The grade is based on the event plans and implementation activities produced as part of a team (50 %) and on the student’s own commitment and attitude (50 %).

Course teacher
Johanna Mäkeläinen

Anne Korkeamäki


Learning materials

To be announced at the beginning of the course.