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JA Start Up

JA Start Up

Code: BUS8LH017
Scope: 10 op
Timing: TBA
Language: Finnish and English
Curriculum: Haaga-Helia curriculum
Course level: Specialisation studies
Course type: free choice

Starting level and linkage with other courses
No prerequisites.  The course can be linked to the entrepreneurship specialization studies in GloBBA or to free-choice studies. The course suits for all students who are interested in entrepreneurship. This course can partly replace the basic Entrepreneurship course in GloBBA degree programme.

JA (Junior Achievement) Start Up is an educational program where students establish their own JA Company, which operates on real money, for one term or one calendar year. The company will function as a test lab for students’ ideas, provide a possibility to put working life skills into practice, and give students’ an idea of what it is like to work in a small private company. In addition, students can grow their networks by connecting with other JA students.

The program is suitable for all students despite the field of study. Basic knowledge in business is an advantage but the program is based on multidisciplinary and learning by doing together. Students do not have to have a business idea at the beginning. More important is that the student has a will and enthusiasm to create new and learn by doing.

The students form small teams and establish their companies for one term or one academic year. A Student Company operates like any actual company, offering its products and services to clients. JA Start Up gives an excellent opportunity to students to test their ideas and develop business skills. Student Companies’ are not liable to VAT as long as the net revenue of operations stays under 8.500.

JA Start Up Program is a program for all Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland. The Program ends to a national competition, where the students compete on the best business idea and the best JA Company is chosen. The winning company gets to participate in JA-YE Europe Enterprise Challenge for university and college-level student companies.

The course is a part of the European JA Start Up Program and similar courses are arranged throughout Europe. In Finland the program is coordinated by Junior Achievement – Young Enterprise Finland (Nuori yrittäjyys ry), which is a non-governmental organization. More information available at: www.nuoriyrittajyys.fi. In the metropolitan area the course is conducted in cooperation with other universities and universities of applied sciences and the student teams will be multidiciplinary.

Learning outcomes
Entrepreneurship is about creating possibilities and solutions in uncertain conditions. It is innovative actions resulting in new and improved companies. In many occupations entrepreneurship is the main form of working. The aim of the program is to offer students practical experiences of entrepreneurship and a chance to apply their knowledge in an authentic business environment. After the course students have gained personal experience in creating and testing business ideas and establishing a business.

The content is adjusted according to the students and teams. In general the course consists of:

  • start camp
  • team building and ideation
  • development of business ideas
  • developing a business model and testing the business idea
  • creating a business plan
  • companies in operations
  • coaching sessions and team meetings with other universities or universities of applied sciences
  • regional fairs
  • preparing for the JA Start Up competition (eg. elevator speech/pitching)
  • selection to JA Start Up Finals (Finnish championship)
  • NY Start Up Finals

Recognising and validating prior learning (RPL)
The course cannot be recognised as a prior learning. If you have previously taken part in other JA Program, for example during the secondary level studies, please contact the course teachers responsible for this course.

Cooperation with the business community
JA Finland cooperates with many Finnish and international companies, for example Microsoft and Roschier law firm.

Haaga-Helia’s best team takes part in the JA Start Up national competition. The winning company gets to participate in JA-YE Europe Enterprise Challenge for university and college-level student companies.paras tiimi pääsee Suomen Mestaruus -kilpailuihin.

The length of the course is 3 – 4 periods. The schedule is adjusted as the course is going. The course cooperates with other universities and universities of applied sciences in the metropolitan area. Therefore it is not possible to agree on the guest lectures and company visits very early.  The national and international competetitions are organised by JA Finland and JA-YE Europe.

Teaching format

  • team meetings (incl.  NY Start Up -Team portal) 80-120 h
  • contact sessions and personal consulting 30–70 h
  • independent learning (incl. Ny Start Up portal) 80–120 h
  • NY Start Up competition 20–150  http://nystartup.fi

Entrepreneurial attitude and actions 100%. Including creating and developing of the business plan and completion of other assignments. The course is graded on scale 1 – 5.

Teacher responsible for the course
Tarja Römer-Paakkanen
Maija Suonpää
Tarja Jokinen
Ilkka Malinen

Learning materials
NY Start Up portal and other possible material.