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Student's professional development

Student's professional development

Studies during the first three semesters are compulsory for all of the students. It is strongly recommended that students follow the curriculum given. Moreover, the course timetables are designed according to the curriculum for each semester. Students may choose their study paths from the 4th semester onwards. Study paths constitute of 30 ects. In addition to this, students can take free-choice courses from current course selection. Intention of the free-choice courses is to deepen the knowledge of specific field of studies. In case student has previous studies from similar field of studies or he/she has worked in a field, some of the courses can be passed by recognition of prior learning  procedure

Business IT Consultant’s Study Path

educates students for ICT consulting profession. These consultants will work either with internal or external customers to create and develop ideal business solutions. Professional profile focuses on good communication skills, deep knowledge of ICT infrastructure, architectures and applications. Based on these skills graduates are able to create effective and optimal system solutions for business needs. Graduates understand and can enhance both human and organizational change processes when new applications are implemented and they know how to train and support users.

Web Application Developer’s Study Path

educates students to develop Internet based business applications. The aim is that graduates are capable to understand various business needs, can translate them into system requirements and are able to design and program effective, user friendly and thoroughly tested applications. They can create secure and reliable applications and they have skills and knowledge for training and supporting the system users.