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Tanja Vesala-Varttala, PhD, Principal Lecturer

Tanja Vesala-Varttala, PhD, Principal Lecturer

Tanja Vesala-VarttalaBrand Storytelling, Content Marketing, Immersive Technologies

Dr Tanja Vesala-Varttala works as Principal Lecturer in Marketing and Communication at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. Her main areas of expertise are brand strategy, creative planning, omnichannel content creation, website design, and leadership communication.

Prior to joining Haaga-Helia, she worked as a marketing and communications professional and manager at an internationally expanding investment bank, with practical focus on international branding, digital portal development, and change communication. In her PhD thesis, she focused on narrative representation and audience engagement. In 1995-2000, she worked as a part-time teacher and full-time university researcher in narrative theory at Tampere University.

As Head Coach of Haaga-Helia students’ inhouse creative agency Krea (www.krea.fi), Tanja Vesala-Varttala instructs students in a broad range of marketing and communications projects, supervises Bachelor's and Master's Theses, and takes part in curriculum development. She is actively involved in developing networks with marketing, communications, and media agencies, other partner companies, and alumni. Her current research interests include digital marketing and the use of immersive technologies for branding. Her publications include academic articles and conference papers on narrative theory, narrative interaction and interpretation, and multicultural corporate communication.