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Raisa Koivusalo, PhD (Soc.sci.), MA (Lit.), BA (Edu)

Raisa Koivusalo, PhD (Soc.sci.), MA (Lit.), BA (Edu)

Media, Journalism, Media Education

PhD Raisa Koivusalo is currently working as a Senior Lecturer and Researcher at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. Her main areas of expertise are journalism, media landscape and organizations, media education, research methods and leadership in higher education organizations.

Raisa Koivusalo has also worked as a lecturer at Universities of Tampere and Helsinki. She has also worked as a communication officer for the city of Tampere and for Theater Academy as well as a project manager at Sibelius Academy. In addition, she has miscellaneous work experience in media as a journalist and editor.

Raisa Koivusalo completed her PhD in media education and symbolic interaction in culture and media at Helsinki University in 2007.