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Thesis Work

Thesis Work

Code: MGT7LG040
Extent: 30 ECTS (810 h)
Timing: 1st - 6th semester
Language: English
Level: Professional studies
Type: Compulsory

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Master’s thesis and the maturity exam the students will graduate from the Master’s programme and earn the degree of Master of Business Administration.

The goal of the Master’s thesis is to develop and demonstrate the ability to apply the selected research strategies and methods in identification and solution of an authentic, work related, international business management problem. Furthermore, the objectives of the thesis are to develop international business management skills, competences, and qualities of students that would make them competitive in the global job market.

The differences between the BBA thesis and IBMA Master’s thesis are that the IBMA Master’s thesis:

  • is always a project-based thesis.
  • focuses on an authentic work place problem that needs improvement or solution.
  • has international business dimension.
  • has a research methodology and methods discussion.
  • develops a theoretical/conceptual framework to approach the international business problem.
  • assesses the business value contribution of the suggested recommendations or solutions when they are implemented.
  • has reflection discussions on the learning journey from individual and organizational perspective.

Course contents

The required sections of the IBMA Master’s thesis are:

  • Introduction (description of the work development project (research phenomenon), statement of goals and research question(s), statement of limitations, and so on)
  • International business dimension of the study
  • Critical literature review (presenting what we already know about the phenomenon)
  • Conceptual framework based on the relevant concepts discussed (this framework is to help to answer the main research question of the study)
  • Methodology (statements of research assumptions, justifying the research philosophy, strategy, and methods)
  • Assessment of the quality of the results or findings, validity, reliability, the role of the researcher
  • Presentation of the results, outcomes or findings of the project(s), implemented at the target company
  • Assessment of the business value of the thesis project based on information gathered from stakeholders
  • Conclusions, recommendations, suggestions for further research, reflections on the learning process


Teaching and learning methods

Independent studies 810 h

Thesis related activities are for example: thesis plan, work development project plan, work development project kick off meeting, working on the work development project, 3 required thesis progress reports for workshops, studying the literature, meetings with the thesis tutor, implementing some of the thesis recommendations, presenting the thesis at work place, collecting feedback, finalizing the thesis, maturity exam.

Teacher(s) responsible

Maria Jakubik, Pasila
Thesis tutors (will be assigned after the Thesis Plan is accepted)

Course materials

Regarding the process and content: IBMA Thesis Guide (available on Moodle and on Students’ MyNet)

Regarding the format: HH Thesis Writing Guide (available on Students’ MyNet)

Assessment criteria

The thesis will be assessed by the HAAGA-HELIA thesis tutor, supervisor, and by the company contact person for the work development project. Thesis grade will be given after the maturity exam is accomplished.

See assessment criteria in IBMA Thesis Guide Appendices 4, 5, and 6 (available on Moodle and on Students’ MyNet)