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Moduulitarjontamme on erittäin kattava ja olemme keränneet monialaisen asiantuntijatiimin opettamaan ja ohjaamaan opiskelijoitamme moduuleissa. Kouluttajamme koostuvat Haaga-Helian opetushenkilöstöstä, vierailevista luennoitsijoista ja eri toimialojen tunnetuista asiantuntijoista. Tutustu alla osaan eMBA-kouluttajista.



Jarmo R Lehtinen


Mário Passos Ascenção,
Principal Lecturer, Ph.D.
Teemu Moilanen
Principal Lecturer, Ph.D.
Jari Luomakoski
Senior Lecturer, Ph.D. (Econ)
"As the competition gets fierce,
only those who provide
excellence will survive
and develop."
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"Service excellence comes
from true customer orientation
and great attention to detail."
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"With these different
perspectives you can
form a good idea
of the big picture.”
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Jesus Belle
MSc, MBA, Ph.D. Candidate
Heli Kortesalmi
Senior Lecturer, M.Sc. (Econ)
Janne Jokinen
"Technology creates the possibility,
but service is what delivers the promise.
Therefore it’s very important
that people are trained
in service excellence."
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“I got so inspired by people
learning, that I wanted to
develop myself.”
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What I would like to share
with students is what is
called proactive legal care,”
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Eija Kjelin
Senior Lecturer
Wallace Reynolds
Olli Laintila
Senior Lecturer, M.Sc. (Econ)
“In the end organisational change
is not something that a person controls,
even if you are the president of the company.
You can enable it, you can organise it,
but you cannot control it."
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"Dealing with crisis management,
your audience is not just the public,
it is also your employer,
your shareholders and city officials."
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Service excellence is about people,
it’s something human."
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