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Kokemuksia ohjelmasta

Kokemuksia ohjelmasta

Palveluosaaminen  ei ole enää pelkästään palvelualan huolenaihe. Meidän opiskelijamme tulevat monilta toimialoilta, etsimään työkaluja, joilla he saavat kilpailuetua omalla toimialallaan. 

Tällä sivulla aiemmat opiskelijamme avaavat miksi he lähtivät suorittamaan Haaga-Helian ExecutiveMBA-ohjelmaa ja mitä siitä on heille seurannut:


Antti Vaasjoki, Senior Sales Manager at MTV Media Oy / Commercial Development Manager for Digital Products - ‎MTV Oy


Lotta Prinssi, ‎Global VM and Store Design Manager, Marimekko


Paula Kirvesmäki As a base, I love education. Loved school when growing up in Sydney, Australia and still love going to courses decades later. I had been pondering the eMBA for a while and at the time of starting found no others headlining Service Excellence, than Haaga Helia.
Service Excellence has played a hug role in my work history. In 2002 I started an import and distribution company around a then unknown jewelry brand, Efva Attling Stockholm. Now, 15 years later the brand is well recognized, loved and sold throughout Finland. The quality of the provided services in the retail area; as well as in the flag ship stores, has been memorable to customers and propelled sales across the board.

Confidence, networking and knowledge expansion these are what I received! Loved many of the modules and the San Francisco emersion week was a mind expanding experience, which I still treasure. The point I couldn’t be more grateful for was the other students. Many of these students were heads of their respective companies. Networking in study cases across the board has yielded standing friendships and turned out to be a wealth of knowledge in itself.

The program helped me streamline my knowledge and to have more confidence in my decisions past and present. Emotional intelligence backed up with new scientific knowledge has been a powerful combination.
I have since procured a company within the wedding industry. Mennään naimisiin produces two popular wedding magazines yearly and curates a wedding fair in January each year under the same name. For almost a quarter of a century this has helped brides with a wide breath of quires around arranging the most beautiful and memorable day of their lives. Now that’s a service if ever there was one!

Paula Kirvesmäki,
Editor-in-chief & Event Producer for Mennään naimisiin wedding magazine / wedding fair


Sanna Tienari

Having worked in the service industry for several years, it was a natural step for Sanna Tienari to enrol in the eMBA in Service Excellence Programme.

“Nowadays, service exists in all industries and it is the main differentiation tool for companies when products are quite similar,” she explains. “Service is one of the bricks to build a brand of the company; each employee influences the company brand image with their service.”

Currently working as an account manager in the sales department at Finlandia-talo, a couple of years ago Tienari found that with her children requiring less of her time, she had the opportunity to focus more on herself and make an enthusiastic return to study.

“The main strength of the programme has been the combination of theory and real life work,” she explains. “I’m not so much of a theoretical person, so I wanted to incorporate practical application into my studies. It has been a good programme for this. It’s easy then to relate to particular issues when you can use what you have learnt in your workplace, or use your work experience to help your studies.”

While life has certainly been busy for her over the past couple of years, keeping a balance between her studies, work and family life has proven to be a challenge she has successfully overcome.

“Work and studies are combinable, and they benefit each other in this programme especially,” she observes. “My studies were strongly linked to my work at Finlandia-talo. Also, when you are interested in the study content it is much easier to motivate yourself and find the time.”

While the complimentary nature of her work and study certainly stood her in good stead during the eMBA programme, Tienari also benefitted from the diversity of her fellow students.

“We were all from different companies and industries. It was really great to share ideas with such a mixed group. During the many opportunities for group work, we exchanged work life experiences and got new ideas from one other. Furthermore, the immersion programme that saw us visiting Silicon Valley in San Francisco was a unique experience that united the group.”

With her thesis submitted and having been accepted, Sanna now stands at the beginning of the next stage for her career – after a well-earned summer break, that is.

“My competence has definitely grown,” she reflects. “This programme has benefitted my company and also myself both professionally and personally. During my studies I have been a part of projects that haven’t previously been my responsibility, but with my study experience I have been able to give my input to these projects and to also expand my professional expertise.”

Sanna Tienari, Account Manager, Finlandia-talo


Mika Roman

Studying the eMBA helped me grow and develop my skills. It expanded my business perspectives and was highly relevant for my work. Since graduating, as well as being promoted I have created and implemented a new service in my organisation.

Studying can sometimes feel like hard work, but it's very rewarding when you can see the results.If you have ambition and a desire to improve yourself, the eMBA will give your career a huge boost.

 Mika Roman, Business Line Manager, STT


Kati Jousimies

After graduating from the eMBA Programme, I now have access to a greater variety of employment opportunities than I did before. I am no longer limited to being a hotel manager and can actually pursue other career avenues such as entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, my leadership skills have greatly improved. As I am responsible for a great number of staff at work, I began to use these newly acquired skills immediately. The eMBA has been very beneficial, as I deal with the demands of leadership every minute of every day.

 Kati Jousimies, Hotel Manager, Sokotel Ltd


Ossi Uotila

Acquiring leadership skills, along with understanding business processes, finance and strategy were the most important benefits that I gained from studying the eMBA. Now I have a more structured approach to my work. I understand why things should be done a certain way. Also, I understand selling not only products, but also ideas, and how to make my point clear.

Studying is hard work, but you can clearly see the benefit after it is completed. It was definitely worth it. I feel that I’m at the next level. I can apply for jobs that I wasn’t able to before this.

Ossi Uotila, Key Account Manager, Fazer Ltd


Hanna Viita

 To get to know more about the contents of the eMBA courses from the student point of view, please read Hanna Viita's blog "Learning on Service Management".


 Hanna Viita, Marketing Director, Wärtsilä