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Jesus M. Belle

Jesus M. Belle

Inspiring our best

After arriving to Finland from Spain as an exchange student almost 20 years ago, Jesus M. Belle soon realised that Finland was to become his new home and decided to stay after his studies were completed.

Enjoying a career that has embraced a diversity of interests over the years, Belle previously managed an eMBA programme at the former Helsinki school of economics, now Aalto. Increasingly involving himself in conduct corporate training programmes, this path led him to HAAGA-HELIA in 2000, where he is involved, amongst other things, in creative innovation with the eMBA programme.

“I am able to help people to come up with new ideas,” Belle states. “How we can find ways to add value. Another aspect of what I do is called peak performance – how people can work at their best. We all have a secret code that is hidden. Somehow I’m trying to help people to find their password.”

Having trained at a number of different companies across a range of industries, this experience has given Belle perspective on the current business climate.

“Work is demanding a lot from us these days, we really need to bring our best. Outsourcing is pressuring every company. Work requires much more from us in terms of thinking, finding solutions and coping with many simultaneous decisions at the same time. Finland is increasingly outsourcing production.”

And so, with this in mind, how then can an eMBA is Service Excellence be of benefit?
“What remains in Finland is product development, service development and service delivery,” Belle states. “Everything works in this country, thanks to the high service standards. Technology creates the possibility, but service is what delivers the promise. Therefore it’s very important that people are trained in service excellence. This is hard to outsource, given how unique the Finnish language is.”

Thus Belle believes that the eMBA is Service Excellence stands out of the pack of many other eMBA programmes currently on offer.

“It’s important that people know that they are not just getting a degree, they are getting a transformation. We guarantee that you will finish as a much greater individual. You will not just get a stamp; you will be rewired professionally. You will be much more confident to take management jobs as most industries are service orientated.”

Text by James O'Sullivan