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Janne Jokinen

Janne Jokinen

Teaching is Law

Having practiced Law over the past 23 years, Janne Jokinen began to teach at HAAGA-HELIA towards the end of last century. Subsequent years have seen him continuing to find time in his busy schedule in the courtroom to instruct students about various aspects of the Law.

“What I would like to share with students is what is called proactive legal care,” he explains. “One should be prepared in business for certain transactions. Do the proper documentation, make proper agreements and understand what various clauses mean.”

For Jokinen, ending up in court should really be the final option. “If we talk in medical terms, it’s like a vaccination so that you don’t get taken into hospital – but it is being taken to court, which is not recommendable. It takes time, resources and harms relationships if you go to court.”

With the different types of cases he has faced and the evolution of Law itself maintaining his ongoing interest in Law throughout his career, as a teacher Jokinen sees the instilling of information in his students as of utmost importance.

“In Contract Law we go through the structure of a commercial agreement, and also give students a background of why certain clauses appear in commercial agreements. People feel that they ‘copy-paste-drag-and-drop’ when they draft contracts. So I give them background information on the meaning of different clauses. It gives participants a deeper knowledge.”

Jokinen also focuses on intellectual property rights and their increasing value for companies. “Hopefully it gives students tools to more easily identify certain legal problems, and also give them tools to discuss with professionals and help them run their business more effectively in the end.

In light of his teaching work with the eMBA program, with his own day-to-day operations as a practicing lawyer, Jokinen knows only too well the benefits of providing excellent service. “I try to be available and be responsive and also be straight forward. Honesty is important. I don’t tell my clients that we should go to court if there is no case. Service excellence is a whole procedure. From the beginning to the end, taking into account the needs of the customer, the constant aim is towards improvement.”

Text by James O'Sullivan