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Recognition of Learning

Recognition of Learning

In Haaga-Helia students can proceed their studies by participating in courses, by using recognition of prior learning (RPL) or by using work-based learning during studies (Work & Study).



Students can replace degree programme’s compulsory courses with previous higher education studies, or previous higher education courses can be used as elective courses.



If student have gained competences that match with the degree goals for example through work experience, volunteer work, hobbies or other studies than higher education, they can show their skills and competences through demonstrations. Demonstration are usually done in demonstration days that are held regularly. Assessment in the demonstrations is based on the same criteria that is used on the courses normally. Demonstration is assessed on the scale 1-5.



If students work tasks support your degree's learning goals, he/she can complete both compulsory and elective studies through work-based learning. Work-based learning at Haaga-Helia is called Work & Study. It means that skills required by the degree are gained by working and by connecting practical work with a theme-related knowledge base. In addition to working for somenone else also entrepreneurship, volunteering or hobby activity can be used. ​

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As a Haaga-Helia student you can find more info from MyNet (study instructions > Recognition of learning) or by contacting your academic advisor.

If you have something to ask about regognition of learning in Haaga-Helia in general, contact Elina Iloranta (040-488 7022,