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The Finnish System of Higher Education

The Finnish System of Higher Education

Degrees from universities of applied sciences

Degrees cover 210-240 ECTS, inclusive of workplacement (30 ECTS) and a thesis (15 ECTS). The abbreviation ‘ECTS’ is shorthand for the European Credit Transfer System and indicates the scope of studies. In general, one ECTS (or credit) requires about 27 hours of study or input from the student.

Master’s degrees from universities of applied sciences

Student’s can apply for master’s degree programmes in Finnish universities of applied sciences if they have completed a bachelor’s degree and have gained three years of work experience after graduation. The scope of a master’s degree is 90 ECTS. Studies last 1.5 - 3 years and are usually completed while working.

The Open University of Applied Sciences

In the Open University of Applied Sciences different fields can be studied regardless student’s basic training or age. The studies are mostly arranged as contact lessons in the daytime, in the evenings or weekends. Also the network studies are possible. The courses offered meet the level and requirements of standard degree programme courses. The open university does not award degrees; only individual courses and broader course modules. Haaga-Helia’s degree programmes have been planned in such a way that there can be a natural transition from studies at the open university to Haaga-Helia proper. After completing 60 ECTS of Haaga-Helia Open University studies, the student can apply to a Haaga-Helia degree programme. Studies at the open university are subject to tuition.

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