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Evaluation of Quality in Haaga-Helia

Evaluation of Quality in Haaga-Helia

At Haaga-Helia the whole community together from staff to students is responsible for the achievement of good quality. Good quality is characterized by working life relevance of education, progressing in studies on target time and employment. Responsibilities with regard to quality monitoring and development are allocated within the organisational chart. Evaluation of Quality in Haaga-Helia is carried out through quality system.


Quality system is in place to ensure upkeeping of organisation’s process map and operational practices. It also generates feedback and evaluations for use in management and steering operations. The key tools for quality assurance have been gathered together to process description index under the name assessment systems. Additionally, most central assessment systems have their own process descriptions.


Students have an essential part in evaluation of quality in Haaga-Helia through feedback system. University collects feedback from current and already graduated students through several methods: feedback from courses, student surveys, Avop feedback from graduating students and alumni feedback. Additionally quality is evaluated and developed together in different forums, e.g. cooperation meetings between students and personnel. Student Unions and Haaga-Helia board have joint meetings regurlarly.


Haaga-Helia is evaluated also by external organisations. The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC) (former The Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council FINHEEC) has audited Haaga-Helia's quality assurance system in April 2010 and Haaga-Helia has passed the auditing acceptably. Haaga-Helia will be audited again at the beginning of the year 2017. Haaga-Helia is also aiming to earn international quality accreditations in the coming years.


Development actions are generally initiated as a part of routine development and operating plans. Feedback and future visions are combined into innovative actions that promote the success of responsible business.


Additional information from Quality portal in Haaga-Helia public website.