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Student's professional development tobba

Student's professional development tobba

Graduates from Porvoo Campus enter work life with a portfolio consisting of meta-skills and professional competence. Students have a portfolio based on their personal aims and those of the degree programme. The portfolio is built up mainly through work in large research and development projects.

The students´ role grows in importance as they move on in studies towards more challenging tasks that increase their knowledge. As studies proceed, assessment follows three criteria levels: adaptation, application and development. After the first year, the students are expected to be involved in more demanding projects. In addition, language studies form an integral part of the competence portfolio and language learning takes place in projects whenever possible. The following are focused on in research and development projects: sales and service skills, renewing business activities, entrepreneurial attitude, and methodological competence required in research and development work. Coaching and leadership skills can be gained by working as supervisor (i.e. team leader, project manager) in projects.

Students can profit from the opportunity offered on Campus to take part in the projects of any other degree programmes in Finnish, Swedish or English. This adds many specialisation possibilities to the personal study plan of an individual student.

Study Modules

The modules of tourism studies are described in figure 2. The green modules stand for compulsory studies and the blue ones for either elective or free choice studies. Study modules are large, a minimum of 3 credits, and can be divided by three.