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Structure, Content and Extent of the Degree Programme

Structure, Content and Extent of the Degree Programme

The Curriculum is partly renewed as of fall 2014.


Degree Programme in Tourism, Master ECTS
Work Development Methods 15
  Applied Research and Development 5
  Tools for Analysing and Forecasting* 5
  Project Management* 5
Leadership and Work Community 15
  Leadership Communication 5
  Leading Change 5
  Strategy in Practice 5
Compulsory Advanced Professional Studies  
  Responsible Leadership 10
  Conducting Survey Research 5
  Current Trends in Tourism 10
Free-choice Studies 5
  Supply Network Management 5
  Excellence in Case Solving Skills* 5
Thesis 30
Total 90

*Excellence in Case Solving Skills course (MET4HY201) can replace one of the following courses: Project Management (MET2HY203) or Tools for Analysing and Forecasting (MET2HY202).

The Degree Programme in Tourism consists of 90 credit points. The studies are divided into five modules.

Structure of Degree Programme in Tourism Credits
Methods for Developing Working Life 15
  YMA2RQ026 Action and constructive research 5
  YMA2RQ027 Project management 5
  YMA2RQ028 Conducting survey research 5
Management 15
  YMA2RQ014 Strategy in practice 5
  YMA2RQ015 Responsible leadership 10
Current Issues in Tourism 20
  YMA4RQ035 Current trends in tourism 10
  YMA4RQ036 Transformational leadership 5
  YMA2RQ023 Tools for managing the future 5
Free –Choice Professional Studies 10
  YMA4RQ034 Supply Network Management 5
Master Thesis 30
Total 90

* Tools for Development of working Life studies (15 ECTS) are offered for the students of the Degree Programme in International Business Management (IBMA) and Degree Programme in Tourism (DPT)