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Courses yma

Courses yma
Degree Programme in Tourism (Master)
Core studies Code ECTS credits
  Compulsory core studies   30
    Applied Research and Development MET2HY201 5
    Tools for Analysing and Forecasting* MET2HY202 5
    Project Management* MET2HY203 5
    Leadership Communication MGT2HY201 5
    Leading Change MGT2HY202 5
    Strategy in Practice MGT2HY203 5
Professional studies   25
  Compulsory professional studies    
    Responsible Leadership YMA2RQ015 10
    Conducting Survey Research YMA2RQ028 5
    Current Trends in Tourism YMA4RQ035 10
  Free-choise professional studies    
    Supply Network Management YMA4RQ034 5
    Excellence in Case Solving Skills* MET4HY201 5
  Thesis YMA7RQ001 30

*Excellence in Case Solving Skills course (MET4HY201) can replace one of the following courses: Project Management (MET2HY203) or Tools for Analysing and Forecasting (MET2HY202).