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Degree Programme in International Sales and Marketing, Porvoo Campus

Degree Programme in International Sales and Marketing, Porvoo Campus

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The core of the Campus 2017 philosophy

Porvoo Campus offers a modern and innovative learning environment, where students work in real projects. As a student you are able to start networking with companies already during your studies. Porvoo Campus is truly international with approximately 50 nationalities. Studies include teamwork, international projects as well as options for exchange and work placement abroad.

Engaging Campus atmosphere: Motivating, supportive and modern campus

Porvoo Campus is the place to be if you as a student value learning in an atmosphere which is truly motivating and fun. You are important both as an individual learner and as a committed team member. You challenge yourself in learning future skills and growing into a specialist. You are an active and empowered learner in a supportive environment. Your professional growth in built on regular constructive feedback. You share because you care, as does everybody on Porvoo Campus. Your innovative ideas count and make the difference. This is what our students have said:

“Staff members really listen and care for the students and their further learning.”

“The atmosphere on Porvoo Campus in motivating, inviting, relaxed, cosy, happy and encouraging!”

“Lots of light! Traditional hierarchical classrooms are happily missing.”

“Campus is so lovely! So many different types of rooms, where we students can work in groups and independently!

International and team based way of working

Studying on Porvoo Campus gives you plenty of opportunities for networking, multicultural encounters and making friends. In fact, you can join projects in any degree programme and gain new perspectives across different industries and make your own personalized study path. Porvoo Campus students praise the team spirit as well as the many opportunities for collaboration and creative problem-solving in projects. They also really value the change to practice team work in mixed groups:

“I like working with people from other countries and cultures it´s interesting to see how they think about solving problems.”

“I enjoy working teams with different students and it has been nice to get to know some other students outside my group. It is nice to share ideas which each other and learn from others. I also enjoy developing team work skills and think it is a very important skill to have in future.”

“We have had a lot of group work and projects, and this is positive because group work skills and getting along with different types of people in needed in almost every job.”

Learning by doing: Real and concrete projects that prepare for the future work

Porvoo Campus curriculum is based on competences that are need in the future work life. Creativity, critical thinking and ability to solve problems are competences that are needed in the future. You are engaged in real and practical projects which prepares you for your future career. You will have a change to make study trips abroad, create business ideas and organize events such as DigiDay, Campus does Good and Business Idea Fair. You also study in learning camps and reading circles. This is what our students have said:

“I have learnt to challenge myself, do things faster and more efficiently and evaluate myself.”

“We learn through practice by engaging in real projects instead of sitting in Iectures. In my opinion this prepares us better for work life and helps to adapt theory into practice.”

Degree Programme in International Sales and Marketing in a Nutshell

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and the Finnish title of tradenomi (AMK)
Degree level: Bachelor's degree
Extent of the DP: 210 ECTS credits
Duration of the DP: 3.5 years
Study mode: Full-time day programme

See Degree Regulations >>
See assessment process >>

Programme requirements:

Basic studies 60 cr, Professional studies 90 cr, Free-choice studies 15 cr, Work placement 30 cr, Bachelor´s thesis 15 cr

General arrangements for the accreditation of prior learning:

See Haaga-Helia's general arrangements for the accreditation of prior learning >>

Admission requirements:

Act of Polytechnics 14.11.2014/932  §25

Access to further study:

Non-Degree studies in Haaga-Helia >>
University studies


Most of the learning takes place in real-life projects for businesses operating internationally. This opens up doors for the students and helps them develop their networks already during the studies. This makes it easier for graduates to find jobs both in Finland and abroad.

Employment opportunities after graduation:

The daily work of the students is all about operating in multicultural teams. They are supervised by staff representing several nationalities. The commissions they get from companies familiarise them with various markets and ways of doing business. They can also go an exchange, do work placement abroad and participate in international development projects.

Cooperation with working life and with other associates:

Learning takes place in real-life projects. Every semester the students work for a business company on challenges assigned by the company. Learning is work and work is learning.

Study objectives

Sales and marketing professionals are always needed in global businesses regardless of economic trends. Sales and marketing are blurred, and combinations of human and result-oriented business competences are in demand. Sales jobs today are consultative, professional challenges that require solid business skills but also strong people-orientation. Hardworking sales professionals can count on a fast career track, versatile working days and a generous compensation for the strategic work they do, and for the added value they create for the company.

Business students learn to understand and analyse customer behaviour, and follow what goes on in global business. Learning takes place in real-life commissioned projects so students are trained to apply theory to challenges that are presented to them by both local and global companies. The multicultural learning environment on Porvoo Campus helps students develop their cultural sensitivity and understanding for constructive communication. Team work is practised on a daily basis as students work in team organisations, taking on different roles and responsibilities.

Students with Finnish educational background are expected to do a study period abroad. It can be exchange, work placement, project or thesis work. The programme itself offers a multicultural laboratory in daily work as the student body represents 40-50 different nationalities, and the staff is also multinational.


The language of instruction

The studies in international degree programmes on Porvoo Campus take place in English. International students can enjoy Finnish Areal Studies, and a choice of other areal studies. Finnish students are offered compulsory Swedish language studies as part of the Nordic Areal Studies, and a choice of other areal studies.  

See the chapter on Areal studies below.

Study contents

The students on Porvoo Campus study and lead their project work in a unique and inspiring environment, where they are able to challenge themselves professionally, adopt various work life roles and develop people skills. The students learn to listen to and understand customer needs, to identify opportunities and create solutions together with work life partners and customers.

Bachelors of Business Administration have strong professional competences in the following fields:

  • Business and Entrepreneurial competences

  • Sales and Service competences

  • Personal and Professional Growth competences

Business and Entrepreneurial competences teach the students to understand how businesses and organisations operate, how they are analysed, and how value is created. Graduates develop an entrepreneurial attitude and future orientation which help them run and develop a profitable business.

Sales and Service competences comprise the principles of practical sales and service, from providing customer service to creating value in relationships, as well as strategic sales management. Students manage the opportunities offered by digital media in marketing and sales in the global business environment.

Personal and Professional Growth competences mean both self-management and leadership skills that are practised by taking different roles in different projects. Students learn to apply leadership and development theories to enhance operations. The role of networking in business also becomes clear, as well as the need to constantly develop these networks

With the help of the above-mentioned knowledge, skills and methods the students acquire the most common meta-skills needed in the job market, project management, research and development, coaching, creative problem solving and innovation.

Choosing a field of specialisation  

Towards the end of the first academic year the students choose their specialisation studies. Those take place in year two, both semesters. Students have a personal study coach and student tutors at their service throughout the studies, but also the services of the Academic Advisor are available to help students make the right personal choices regarding courses and specialisation studies.

A bachelor of Business Administration on Porvoo Campus may choose from the following specialisations in English:

  • International Sales and Marketing

  • Aviation Business

The alternatives In Finnish are called:

  • Myynti ja visuaalinen markkinointi (in Finnish and Swedish)

  • Kansainvälistyvä yritys

  • Yrityksen talous

A bachelor of Hospitality Management on Porvoo Campus may choose from the following specialisations in English

  • Event Management

  • Sales and Service in Business Tourism

The alternatives In Finnish are called:

  • Tapahtumapalveluiden kehittäminen

  • Myyntipalveluiden kehittäminen

Areal studies

Areal studies combine the studies of a language of a chosen area with the study of the aviation business operational environment and culture. The aim is to enable students to develop an understanding of the area in holistic and practical terms, necessary for professional relations with the stakeholders who represent this or that area.  The students can choose areal modules already in the beginning of their studies:

  • Asian

  • Coding

  • German

  • Nordic

  • Russian

  • Spanish

Study counselling

Every student will have a personal study coach, who will guide the student from the beginning of the studies towards graduation. A personal coach advises, supports, and coaches the student towards making practical decisions related to studies and future career.

Students meet their study coach in both personal and group meetings. Besides study coaches, every degree programme on Porvoo Campus offers academic advising, whereby a student and his or her academic advisor can discuss how to recognise prior learning or work life experience as a part of the current studies. Also questions related to changes of degree programme, campus, field of study, personal issues, etc. can be readily discussed with the Academic Advisor.

Please note: A Porvoo Campus student has a personal study coach if s/he has started the studies at the latest in January 2019. Students who have started their studies later than that can contact their academic advisor in all advising issues.

Structure of studies

Core studies: 60 cr
Professional studies: 60 cr
Specialization studies: 30 cr
Free-choice studies: 15 cr
Work placement: 30 cr
Thesis: 15 cr
Total: 210 cr

Career opportunities

Graduates from the Degree Programme in International Sales and Marketing acquire skills that prepare them for versatile employment possibilities and a fast career track. Possible job title include e.g.

  • Key Account Manager

  • Project Manager

  • Team Leader

  • Store Manager

  • Sales Negotiator

  • Purchaser

  • HR Consultant

  • Area Manager

  • Import/Export Manager

  • Marketing Assistant

  • Product/Category Manager

  • Social Media Manager

Contact information

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
Porvoo Campus
Taidetehtaankatu 1
FI-06100 Porvoo

Degree Programme Director
Mrs Maija Eklöf
Email: maija.eklof(at)

Student Affairs Office: +358 400 230 405
Email: studyservices.porvoo(at)

Porvoo Campus Info +358 40 488 7444
Email: porvooinfo(at)

Haaga-Helia operator +358 9 229 611

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