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Degree Programme in International Business Management, Helsinki Pasila Campus, Master Education

Degree Programme in International Business Management, Helsinki Pasila Campus, Master Education

Haaga-Helia's Master's Programmes are being renewed for application in Spring 2019. Starting from autumn 2019, Degree Programme in International Business Management is called Degree Programme Leading Business Transformation.


Name of qualification: Master of Business Administration
Level of qualification: Master's Degree
ECTS credits: 90 ECTS credits
Official length of the programme: 1,5-3 years
Mode of Study: Part-time master programme
Programme requirements: Compulsory Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS), Elective Advanced Professional Studies (EAPS) & Free-Choice Studies, Master's Thesis including Workshops 1 & 2 and Maturity Test
General arrangements for the accreditation of prior learning: See Haaga-Helia's arrangements for the accreditation of prior learning >>
Admission requirements: Act of Polytechnics 9.5.2003/351 20§
Access to further study:
Internationalization: IBMA has an international learning environment as the students and teachers have international background and work experience. The students can also take courses at selected foreign partner universities of Haaga-Helia UAS. IBMA focuses on international business management challenges through individual and group assignments and the master’s degree thesis.
Employment opportunities after graduation: IBMA students have in average more than 10 years of work experience that helps them to integrate their existing skills, knowledge and experiences with the new theories and concepts during their master studies. Their professional growth makes them competitive in the job market and it promotes their career development.
Cooperation with working life and with other associates: Learning during the programme happens by addressing international business management problems in case studies, research, and in the master’s degree thesis that is a work development project with international business dimensions. The thesis, as an applied research and development project, is a substantial part of the studies to be implemented in close collaboration between the students, their workplace and Haaga-Helia UAS.
Contact information: Degree programme's contact information >>

Profile of the Degree Programme in International Business Management IBMA

Why IBMA is a good choice for you? It provides you

  • a practical learning approach: Learning by Working
  • flexibility in your study schedules: evenings, weekends, study tours, intensive and virtual sessions
  • an opportunity to create your individual schedule and your Personal Study Plan (PSP) that allows you to select your elective and free-choice international business studies to maximize your strengths as a manager

By taking a practical approach to learning - such as workshops, exercises, lectures, thesis work, and other student-centered activities - IBMA creates a learning context where students are expected and able to integrate their work experience with their international business studies.

Key learning outcomes of the Degree Programme

The goal of IBMA is to develop students’ international business management competences through variety of work development methods and tools, international business management courses, and through tutoring them in an applied research and work development project as their Master's Thesis. Working on the thesis starts from the very beginning of the studies. Students are expected to act as facilitators and leaders of change by applying in practice their international business knowledge that will make them and their organizations competitive players in international business.

The three main objectives of the IBMA Programme are to

  1. satisfy the increased demand of organizations for employees with practical and current international business knowledge and competencies,
  2. provide a career opportunity for Bachelor graduates by continuing and upgrading their education in international business management, and to
  3. encourage students to apply their international business management skills and knowledge in their everyday work in order to create and extract value for their organizations.

Professional growth

The professional growth in IBMA has three phases: CAPS, EAPS and Master’s Thesis. After accomplishing the Compulsory Advanced Professional Studies CAPS, you prepare your Personal Study Plan (PSP) for taking Elective Advanced Professional Studies EAPS and Free-choice Studies to enhance your international business competencies. The Master’s Thesis (30 ECTS) is a Work Development Project that is related to challenges in international business management of an organization. Therefore, the Master’s Thesis provides value not only for the students but for their organizations as well.

Upon graduation you will possess an internationally recognized degree called Master of Business Administration that is a Master’s degree awarded by Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences.

Suggested Study Path

  • Semester 1: Applied Research and Development; Project Management; and International Talent Management.
  • Semester 2: Strategy in Practice; Leading Change; and Leadership in the Knowledge Economy.
  • Semesters 3: Tools for Analysing and Forecasting; Leadership Communication; and Internationalization of the Firm.

Furthermore, students can participate in study tours to Silicon Valley and/or to Hong Kong voluntarily. Elective master courses can be taken in universities, open-university, specialization studies, partner schools abroad, and in summer schools abroad after the approval of the study advisor.