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Course List and Recommended Study Schedule, curriculum 09

Course List and Recommended Study Schedule, curriculum 09


The studies are largely structured by modules and integrated courses. Each course code is a link to a course description and each course is scheduled on a certain semester.

Full-time Day Degree Programme in International Business, Helsinki Pasila, curriculum GloBBA09 Code             ECTS cr Semester
Basic Studies   60  
  LEALF1 Module: Working in an International Environment   15  
    The Developing Professional LEA1LF001 9 1
              Professional Growth and Collaboration in Teams LEA1LF001A 6  
              Cross-Cultural Organisation LEA1LF001B 3  
    ICT Skills for Business 1 TOO1LF001 3 1
    Business English ENG1LF001 3 1
  ECOLF1 Module: Introduction to Global Business   15  
    Sustainable Global Environment ECO1LF001 9 1
              Principles of Economics ECO1LF001A 3  
              Introduction to Sustainability and Services ECO1LF001B 3  
              ICT Skills for Business 2 ECO1LF001C 3  
    Business Swedish (for Finnish students) SWE1LF001 6 1
    Starting My Finnish Language Studies (for international students) FIN1LF001 6  
  BUSLF1 Module: Providing a Tool-kit for a New Business   15  
    Developing Entrepreneurial Competences BUS1LF001 12 2
              Entrepreneurship and
          Law for a New Business
BUS1LF001A 2
              Customer Oriented Operation Planning 1 (Marketing) BUS1LF001B 4  
              Mathematics and
          Accounting for a New Business 1
BUS1LF001C 2
    Basic Communication in Finnish 1 (for international students) FIN1LF002 3 2
    Finnish Business Communication 1 (for Finnish students) FIN1LF009 3 2
  BUSLF2 Module: A Business Plan with an International Dimension   15  
    Business Planning for a Start-up BUS1LF002 12 2
              A Business Plan Workshop Entrepreneurship and
          Customer Oriented Operation Planning (Marketing) and
          Writing Academic Reports
BUS1LF002A 2
              Customer Oriented Operation Planning 2 (Logistics) BUS1LF002B 4  
              Mathematics and
          Accounting for a New Business 2
BUS1LF002C 2
    Basic Communication in Finnish 2 (for International students) FIN1LF003 3 2
    Finnish Business Communication 2 (for Finnish students) FIN1LF010 3 2
Professional Studies   90  
Joint Professional Studies   51  
  IBULF1 Module: Assessing Global Economic and Legal Environment   9  
    Global Business Environment IBU2LF001 6 3
              Part: International Economics and Finance IBU2LF001A 3  
              Part: International Business Law IBU2LF001B 3  
    Multicultural Business Communication in English COM2LF001 3 3
  BUSLF3 Module: Managing Resources for Business   9  
    Ethical Sourcing BUS2LF002 6 3
              Part: Principles of International Supply Chain Management BUS2LF002A 3  
              Part: People as a Resource BUS2LF002B 3  
    Business Negotiations and Contracts LAW2LF001 3 3
  MARLF1 Module: Competing in Global Markets   9  
    Researching Target Markets MAR2LF003 6 4
              Part: International Market Research MAR2LF003A 4  
              Part: Statistical Methods MAR2LF003B 2  
    Managerial Accounting ACC2LF001 3 4
  IBULF2 Module: Going Global by Region   15  
    Entering Target Markets IBU2LF004 6 4
              Part: Internationalisation and Operation Modes IBU2LF004A 3  
             Part: Export/Import Procedures and Practicalities IBU2LF004B 3  
    Target Economic Regions IBU2LF005 9 4
  COMLF1 Language Studies   9  
  One of the languages below (6 cr + 3 cr)      
    French for Business Purposes FRE2LF001 6 3
    French Business Communication FRE2LF002 3 4
    German for Business Purposes GER2LF001 6 3
    German Business Communication GER2LF002 3 4
    Spanish for Business Purposes SPA2LF001 6 3
    Spanish Business Communication SPA2LF002 3 4
Professional Studies   90  
Professional Specialisation Studies   39  
  MARLF2 Global Customer Relationship Management and Communication   33  
    Innovation Management for Global Competitiveness MAR3LF001 6 5
    Stragegic Business-to-Business Relationship Management MAR3LF002 6 5
    Business-to-Business Selling and Sales Management in Global Markets MAR3LF003 3 6
    Creative Corporate and Marketing Communication MAR3LF004 12 5
    Successful Event MAR3LF005 6 5+6
  ACCLF1 Financial Management for Global Business   33  
    International Management Accounting ACC3LF001 6 5
    International Financial Accounting ACC3LF002 6 5
    International Trade and Finance (This course is not offered 2016-17 any more. The courses which replace this are FIE3LF101 and FIE3LF102.) ACC3LF003 9 5
    Introduction ot Corporate Finance FIE3LF101 5 5
    Investment Management FIE3LF102 5 5
    Corporate Tax and Value Added Tax ACC3LF004 3 6
    Consolidated Financial Statements ACC3LF005 3 6
    Budget and Responsobility Accounting ACC3LF006 6 6
  LOGLF1 Global Supply Chain Management   33  
    Managing Quality in Supply Chains LOG3LF001 6 6
    Optimising Resources LOG3LF002 6 5
    Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Strategies LOG3LF003 6 5
    Purchasing Strategies LOG3LF004 9 5
    Developing Performance in Supply Chains LOG3LF005 6 6
  LEALF2 Human Resource Management  for Global Business   33  
    Working with People: Stories and Theories LEA3LF001 6 5
    Legal and Ethical Dimension in HRM LEA3LF002 6 5
    Talent Dimension in HRM LEA3LF003 6 6
    Collaborative Dimension in HRM LEA3LF004 6 6
    Facilitating HRM Processes LEA3LF005 6 5
    People as a Strategic Asset LEA3LF006 3 6
  IBULF3 Joint Specialisation Studies      
    Strategic Views on Global Business IBU2LF006 6 7
Free-Choice Studies   15 1-7
  Language Studies      
    English for Academic Purposes ENG8LF001 3  
    Finnish for Exchange Students 1 FIN8LF010 3  
    Finnish for Exchange Students 2 FIN8LF020 3  
    Finnish for Working Purposes 1 FIN8LF002 6  
    Finnish for Working Purposes 2 FIN8LF003 3  
    Finnish for Working Purposes 3 FIN8LF004 3  
    Practical Finnish at Work FIN8LF001 3  
    French for Beginners 1 FRE8LF001 6  
    French for Beginners 2 FRE8LF002 3  
    German for Beginners 1 GER8LF001 6  
    German for Beginners 2 GER8LF002 3  
    BULATS (German Business Language Test) GER8LF003 3  
    Spanish for Beginners 1 SPA8LF001 6  
    Spanish for Beginners 2 SPA8LF002 3  
    Catch up Swedish SWE8LF001 3  
    Swedish for Beginners 1 SWE8LF002 6  
    Swedish for Beginners 2 SWE8LF003 3  
    Swedish Culture and Society for Managers SWE8LF004 3  
    Working for Nordic Businesses SWE8LF005 3  
  Other Free-Choice Studies      
    Academic Writing THE8LF001 3 1-7
    Becoming an Entrepreneur in Finland BUS8LF001 6 3-7
    Catch up Business Mathematics MAT8LF001 3 1
    Doing Business and Working in the Arab Countries IBU8LF006 3 1-7
    Enterprise Resource Planning LOG8LF001 3 3-7
    Future Planning Methods for Global Business ECO8LF001 3 3-7
    Integrating Business and IT TOO8LF002 3 4-7
    SAP Overview TOO8LF003 5 3-6
    SAP Advanced TOO8LF004 3 3-6
    International Business Cases IBU8LF001 3 3-7
    Marketing Yourself SLF8LF001 3 1-7
    Project Management in Multicultural Environment TOO8LF001 3 3-7
    Toolkit for Quantitative Surveys MET8LF001 3 4-7
    Towards Well-being at Work PHY8LF001 3 1-7
    Personal Branding in LinkedIn COM8HH006 1 1-7
    Using Twitter for Professional Purposes COM8HH007 1 1-7
    Using Instagram for Professional Purposes COM8HH008 1 1-7
    Video CV COM8HH005 1 1-7
Work Placement   30  

Combination of Basic and Specialisation Work Placement Learning
Basic Work Placement Learning (A)
Specialisation Work Placement Learning (B)



6 + summer
Bachelor's Thesis THE7LF 15  

Introduction to Theses
Thesis Planning
Thesis Implementation
Thesis Finalization
              Maturity test
              Bachelor´s Thesis publication and assessment


15 5+7
TOTAL 210  

Personal Study Plan

The Haaga-Helia International Business students personalise their study paths through several ways. By choosing their own specialisation out of the four options students strengthen their global business knowledge and skills to the direction they prefer. The following four different specialisations offered are:

  • Global Customer Relationship Management and Communication
  • Financial Management for Global Business
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Human Resource Management for Global Business.

The aims of the specialisation studies are to deepen students’ competencies in a certain area of global business and increase students’ skills to recognise the key components of their chosen specialisation vital for a high performance company.

The scope of the specialisation studies is in total 39 credit points including Strategic Views on Global Business course, 6 cr.

The topic and process of the bachelor’s thesis commissioned by a business organisation offer also excellent opportunities to build up own individual study path. In addition, the selection of free-choice and language studies are useful ways to acquire specific competences needed in global business.

Students’ possible prior studies, if applicable to the Haaga-Helia International Business curriculum, are considered and credited when the personal study plans are made.