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Study Experiences

Study Experiences

International Business Students Write about Their Experiences

Rossana Cedeño, autumn 2012

I joined the International Business program of Haaga-Helia during the fall of 2009. My main goal was to learn more about international business practices as well as about talent and financial management. I thought those skills might complement my communications and marketing background and give me necessary information and knowledge to move forward in my career. I particularly enjoyed the idea of
networking and being in a multicultural environment where I could learn more about other countries, cultures and different ways of doing business.

I selected HR Management as a major because I want to be a good leader and manager in the future. I enjoyed working with people and I believe that good leaders can get the best of their team, motivate them and therefore get better results.
From my studies I found particular interesting the topics related to talent management, competences development and employer branding. By studying Financial Management as a minor I learned how the activities of different units of the company impact on the final results. I could say the program has helped me to understand other areas of the business and I have learned a lot of new things about myself, too.

The last 3, 5 years were very hectic and there was no much free time. It was not easy to study and work full time simultaneously and I needed to manage my time very wisely. You need to be very committed and motivated to do this. Nevertheless, it has been very rewarding to learn new things, develop my skills and apply my knowledge already when working.



Aki Sand, autumn 2012

I started in the Haaga-Helia’s International Business Program in the autumn of 2009. My motivator to study while working full-time was to supplement my engineering background with business education. It was challenging to combine business trips and
international projects with evening lectures and study tasks. However, it was very rewarding to notice my own development and achievements in both areas. Motivation and time management were the key factors to succeed! When you are motivated to develop your skills and update your expertise, you will find time for studies and work, and enjoy it. The hectic schedule taught me to set priorities and find balance with work, study, family, friends, and not forgetting my own well-being.

The program gave a good outlook on all aspects of international business. I especially enjoyed the courses and assignments on business strategies and operations development. I chose HAAGA-HELIA because I wanted to specialize to Supply chain management for a global business. It was great to deepen my know-how in the field, and discuss with fellow students and teachers about real cases. The group contained students from all around the world, which was very valuable, and helped me to learn more about different cultures and ways of working. It was nice to notice after three and half years that I was able to graduate in the planned study time. The international business studies broadened my knowledge and enabled instantly outperforming on my work tasks. It made me self-confident that I am doing right things, and I believe this experience will help me reaching my career goals in future.