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Structure, Content and Extent of the DP

Structure, Content and Extent of the DP

The bachelor’s degree consists of 210 credit points. According to the act for the polytechnic studies (i.e. university of applied sciences studies), the basic studies compulsory for all include studies of 60 credit points, professional studies 90, free-choice studies 15, work placement 30 and thesis15 credit points. The structure of Haaga-Helia International Business programme is based on this frame work. It ensures also graduation within the target time to the students.

Table 1: Structure of the Haaga-Helia International Business Curriculum

Basic Studies (compulsory for all students) 60 cr
Professional Studies 90 cr
42 cr joint studies for all students
9 cr language studies as chosen from the language selection offered
39 cr specialisation studies as chosen either from one specialisation or a combination of two specialisations given
Free-choice Studies 15 cr
Work Placement 30 cr
Thesis 15 cr
TOTAL 210 cr

The studies include 27 credit points of communication and language studies. All students study 6 credit points Business English Communication. Foreign degree students have 12 credit points Finnish language studies as a compulsory part of their studies. Finnish degree students study 6 credit points Business Swedish. On the basis of the diagnostic Swedish language test, a separate brush-up course in Swedish is recommended before the Business Swedish course. In addition, all students choose a third language (9 credit points) either at an advanced or beginner’s level among the selection of language studies.

On the basis of the results in the mathematics exam in the entrance examination or the diagnostic test in the beginning of the studies a separate pre-algebra course is offered to the students to ensure success in the business mathematics and statistical methodology studies.

Pedagogic Solutions

In the Haaga-Helia International Business Programme pedagogic solutions allow diversity. The aim is that the students learn to flexibly operate in various modes and environments.

The Problem Based Learning (PBL) and project-/job-based approaches are emphasised. The PBL offers a good platform for developing many of the meta skills.  In the two first semesters PBL is the dominating approach. Especially in the specialisation studies project- and job-based learning are favoured.

Multicultural Learning

When studying in the Haaga-Helia International Business Programme students have several opportunities to include multicultural dimensions in their degree studies.

About one half of the students in the programme come outside Finland. They represent over 60 different nationalities. Annually more than 150 exchange students study in the programme. The large international student community at  Haaga-Helia offers a natural daily platform for multicultural learning.

Learning of multicultural communication and business knowledge is based on the vast expertise of the Haaga-Helia teaching staff. The full-time lecturers represent several different nationalities. In addition, visiting guest lecturers from Haaga-Helia’s international partner institutions give frequently lectures in the programme.

The wide network of international partner institutions all over the world helps all degree students find a suitable university for an exchange semester or two semester long double degree studies.